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  • down there in Italy.

  • He is known as the father off the Italian language Mhm.

  • He was born in Florence, but he died in Ravenna.

  • When you reach the end off the war, it is a beautiful feeling because you're very well satisfied with yourself.

  • My name is Sylvia Rossetti.

  • I'm from Ravenna in Italy.

  • I specialized in medieval literature, which is the period where Dante used to write his forum.

  • I am very passionate about it.

  • Yeah, one of the most famous ones.

  • It's called the Ouachita Waterfalls, and he used them to describe a river off blood in hell called the Flesh Detente.

  • The cricketer waterfalls are in a small village called the some Benedictine Open Dante's Way.

  • It's based on paths that he probably walked from Florence to Ravenna.

  • You can either start from Ravenna or Florence.

  • It's kind of a symbolic gesture to unite these two cities.

  • It's like a ring.

  • What is special about even in my opinion, is Byzantine mosaics, very colorful and golden and very charming and fascinating We have is Tom.

  • It's this small, very nice temple with a pine cone on top, which is a symbol of eternity because, of course, His memory is lasting for centuries after his death, and his bones are in it.

  • There are a couple of castles belonging to greedy counts.

  • One is called the Castle of Romania, and the other is the castle of poor Ciano.

  • It is quite believable that Danta might have stayed there.

  • Graziella, which is a medieval village.

  • It's one of the most beautiful in Italy.

  • It's one of my favorite places on the walk, and there is a very strong medieval tradition there, and they have a small castle and a beautiful tower with the clock on it.

  • It's a way of traveling that is very cool, friendly because, of course, you don't use any means of transportation.

  • It's just you walking in nature.

  • It's a very important way off, giving value to the heritage we have because in Italy, you know, we have a lot of monuments and we have a lot of history and we love it.

down there in Italy.

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