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  • Alright, in this video youre going to discover a ninja strategy that you can use with Facebook

  • PPC advertising. But before I get into that, if youre interested in learning some advanced

  • secrets that insiders are using to get 248% ROI, I’ve got a special video for you, just

  • click the link that’s below. So here’s how this thing works. So, if youve been

  • collecting email opt-ins and email addresses of buyers of your products and services, what

  • you can do is you can actually upload those lists as a CSV file into Facebook. And you

  • can create what you call a custom audience based off of those people. Now here’s where

  • the ninja part comes in. So Facebook added this feature, it’s only available in their

  • power editor, where you can actually click a button for them to create a look-a-like

  • audience based on that list that you uploaded. So, let’s say you upload your buyers list

  • into Facebook. You go into Facebook, you click the button that saysCreate a Look-a-like

  • Audienceand what Facebook will do is it will analyze all of those people that are

  • on that list. It will look at their profile, and then it will go out and it will search

  • to find other people that have similar profiles to that person. So they are basically going

  • out and finding all the people that are just like your buyers. Think about how powerful

  • that is. Then what you can do is you can create a custom audience based off of that look-a-like

  • audience and you can run ads to that look-a-like audience. It’s a very powerful strategy.

  • These ads convert very, very, very well and you can get huge ROIs. Some of our clients

  • are doing 500-1000% ROI on these ads simply because it’s so laser targeted to people

  • that have already bought their products or services. One thing that you need to understand

  • is that online advertising is becoming increasingly difficult to pull off successfully using the

  • traditional methods because people are simply becoming blind to them. The most effective

  • way to combat this is using native advertisements which is just a fancy term for ads that look

  • similar to the content around them. It sounds counter-intuitive, but the best way to get

  • noticed is to actually blend in. Think of soap operas and infomercials. They are the

  • original native ads and have been running successfully for decades, selling billions

  • of dollars of products. Now if you want to start leveraging native ads, there’s two

  • choices you can make. You can go out and spend all the time and money trying to figure them

  • out on your own. Or you can just click the image on the right. That will take you to

  • a page where you can get free, instant access to a special video I put together just for

  • you. It’s called 17 Advanced Native Advertising Secret Insiders Use to Get 248% ROI Right

  • Now. These are all techniques that have been proven to work through multiple tests across

  • the 22 accounts I manage for clients and myself. You can use them to drive sales of products

  • or to generate leads for selling high ticket products and services over the phone. It will

  • literally save you massive amounts of time and money. So go ahead and click that image

  • right now to get this video while it’s fresh on your mind.

Alright, in this video youre going to discover a ninja strategy that you can use with Facebook

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