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  • Tibetan has been using yak butter and yak milk on their skin to protect from the harsh weather on the plateau.

  • You it protects your skin from sun rays is also known like they have.

  • The antioxidant elements are in eat so that it can prevent and slow down skin aging.

  • Mhm.

  • My name is Dharma Lhamo.

  • It has bean tree years since I've started making the handmade soap.

  • Uh, in our workshop, we have 16 local people and mostly local woman working for us.

  • They prefer coming tow our workshop to work so that they can look after their family and also earn as salary which can help them with your, uh, daily experience and educate their Children.

  • Oh, that's in the northern.

  • Thank you.

  • Okay.

  • I fucking hand to stop it.

  • Thank you.

  • A t first when I started teaching my student the way I learned from Thailand and us, it was extremely difficult for them to learn it because later I came to know that they have never been to school.

  • So we started marking the measuring cup with color tape and color string marking all different kinds off oil with color story.

  • So later we come up with our own way.

  • How to make this young so in a different and our unique way we don't have any special equipment.

  • We use, uh, ball to hit up the oil and the tools to mix the mixture off oil and the light water.

  • When it comes to some thickness, we start to put in our essential oils, and our ingredient, like Himalayan solved turmeric and black charcoal powder way have 10 different flavors.

  • Way make.

  • After the 24 hours, we have to take out our soap out off the mold and cut it in the shape you like and stem it your logo and we start curing the soft.

  • For 40 days, we sell our project online and offline.

  • We have stored in Luton all town and tend to city.

  • We also have retailers in Canada, U.

  • S A.

  • Colorado in Germany and with them a customer reply saying that he'll start loving to wash his hand daily because it doesn't make his hand and his skin dry.

  • And we also have feedback customers saying they want to know more about learn more about our product and the story behind it.

  • People on the plateau we make our 10 out of Yahoo.

  • We make our shoes and bags out of yak skin, and we get our dairy products like milk, yogurt, cheese and butter from Yak.

  • And we make you act dumb as a few.

  • And also, yeah, will help us to transfer from one place to another by carrying our luggage so the people living on the plateau cannot imagine your life without the young beside them.

Tibetan has been using yak butter and yak milk on their skin to protect from the harsh weather on the plateau.

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A Rare Look at How Tibetan Yak Milk Soap Is Made From Scratch

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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/12/01
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