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  • It's been acknowledged by government and other public bodies that the pandemic has hit vulnerable groups and those living in deprived areas.

  • The hardest.

  • Official figures for England show that the overall death rate between April and June this year in the poorest areas was nearly double that of the least deprived.

  • The government says it is committed to reducing deprivation to spend over £100 billion in welfare support this year.

  • On that they are ensuring that councils have the appropriate resources.

  • Our special correspondent, Ed Thomas, has spent time in Burnley on reports now on some of those trying to cope there with unemployment on with mental health issues.

  • I love the poor because I know I am the poor.

  • And as long as the breathe, I'll serve the poor into portion.

  • You see all these people, they have Children, hungry Children, distance.

  • We're gonna get in trouble.

  • It's hard to keep your distance when you're cold and hungry.

  • Politicians said that it was a level this coronavirus.

  • He's a lie because if you're poor, you've got no Charles.

  • There's June, the past American all thought.

  • It's really hard to get food from the cell because I have got much money only on.

  • I can't go out anywhere a couple of days.

  • Food is being everything towards but have no facts.

  • Every time you get any money disappears as fast as you've got it with the coronavirus as well.

  • With the reduction in where just it's not easy to court.

  • So this means you can eat.

  • Yes, Yeah, you can eat and it helps out wherever you stop running chocolate.

  • I think of all that chocolate Abrams on All this is laid on by Pastor Meg needs massive, absolutely colossal.

  • This is a church A represent the level of need here in Burnley at the moment is I think, unprecedented and it's upsetting.

  • We've got some bread as well.

  • Yeah, for too many, the legacy of coronavirus is not only sickness but desperation.

  • Visiting a family who had no carpet had no city who had no gas.

  • I had no electric.

  • They had no food.

  • I brought my heart because nobody cared for them.

  • They fell through the crack pot noodles, that kind of stuff.

  • All right, I'm going to houses.

  • Onda sometimes have Children ripping the bags often to get the food is I'm carrying them to the door.

  • Uh, yeah, but it's not all right.

  • That's not all right.

  • And it wasn't as bad as that before.

  • The virus, the biggest part of Corona virus has been the long winner Most days past.

  • A Mick helps people like Vive She's 55.

  • Keep trying to force myself to week have stop e Emperor about a week.

  • I just ended up collapsing on my bathroom floor.

  • Living in isolation became too much.

  • It's just, like brought it all back.

  • I lost my husband, not buried to my babies.

  • I give birth to a mouth I wanted them to do cry and they didn't cry.

  • Yeah, no mother has to go through that Corona Barre's brutal.

  • This yes, brought every moment.

  • But it's a man when you collapsed.

  • What?

  • We're through your mind.

  • Just let me go.

  • Let maybe you know my number must be up.

  • I thought my time we're up On past Amec says he's hearing more and more of these stories were trying to fix a bit hard to people's lives, the unfairness of health deprivation.

  • I feel angry because people aren't listening.

  • What is coronavirus meant for your care?

  • He stopped him.

  • I'm supposed to have a blood test a month a month from accounts account?

  • No, he's been in domain six pumps.

  • I don't wanna be a dream of the system that's already dying because I'm already honey, we can't do nothing.

  • 12.

  • We've just gotta sit back and watch it.

  • There's not many people lose a child.

  • There's even less than lose to The first lady of our food bank came and she brought down Daughter had killed the south way, proving Jesus e.

  • Okay, you have to try and find words without their support.

  • What would have happened to you?

  • May I probably be where my daughter is now.

  • Pull back.

  • I probably would have put me on that.

  • It worked.

  • Then together, they're the hope for thousands through this crisis.

  • You know, it's, um, Carrie, Carrie, People's burns.

  • You try to tell him that it's It's all right.

  • Mhm.

  • This is so upsetting.

  • Yeah, that was a father Alex Frost, ending that report there by our special correspondent, Ed Thomas.

It's been acknowledged by government and other public bodies that the pandemic has hit vulnerable groups and those living in deprived areas.

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Poorest twice as likely to die from coronavirus in UK - BBC News

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