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  • We start this hour with breaking news, and Iran's Defense Ministry has confirmed that one of the country's top nuclear scientists has been assassinated.

  • Iranian media outlets say machine for crows Are they died of his wounds after government fired on his car.

  • Factors are they has long been regarded by Israel on Western intelligence agencies as the mastermind behind the country's covert nuclear weapons program.

  • While in the past few minutes Iran's foreign minister has accused Israel of being behind the killing, Hey wrote this tweet.

  • Terrorists murdered an imminent Iranian scientists today.

  • This cowardice, with serious indications of Israeli role shows desperate warmongering of perpetrators.

  • Iran calls on the international community and especially the you toe end their shameful double standards and condemn this act off terror that tweet just posted a short time ago.

  • Well, Iranian state media have said that one of the country's top nuclear scientists had bean assassin assassinated and press television also quoted unofficial sources as saying that as well, let's get more on this now and we can speak Thio Margit that who joins us now Ash are from the BBC Arabic service, even Persian service.

  • Sorry.

  • Forgive me.

  • What do we know in this our way know that Mr Farage's are waas in a car with a number of other people.

  • We don't know where who those people where they say close relatives inside a car, David first approached by a pickup truck which was apparently, like bomb laden that there was an explosion.

  • And then where he be like local people say they heard a lot off gunshots on based on the pictures that we see, apparently they were.

  • They were like assassinated at the at the other place.

  • It took the Iranian like state media an hour to confirm the death because they said his body has been transferred to a hospital.

  • But then they confirmed the death and death of Mr Farage Zadeh, who is known as Iran's Abdulhadi Hana Dourada Honda, the top Pakistani scientists who was behind the who was master mind off the nuclear program and this man which we know we don't know much about.

  • But he has been regarded as the mastermind off Iran's nuclear program in the late 19 nineties and early 2000, when, according to allegations Iran was moving towards a building, a nuclear bomb and and from there when when Western officials and the I A a started like learning about this, they demanded to interview him.

  • They have been there has been demands off the i A to interview Mr Farage.

  • Sorry, but it's a demand that that never came true and they could never interview with him.

  • And in one of the latest reports, they said, We cannot talk about the extent off Iran's nuclear program unless we talk to Mr Fox are yes, the two go together.

  • As you were saying to me before when we were analyzing this breaking news before coming on air, there's very little known about him in terms of public profile.

  • You were saying that the picture behind us here is just one off a couple.

  • One of probably two pictures of way only have we have only seen two pictures off him.

  • This is one of them.

  • The other one is the one Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu usually uses in his press conferences.

  • Two years ago, when he was using a picture, he said, Remember this name because you're going to hear about him.

  • Ah, lot more.

  • He's a very Mr Pakistan was a very secretive man.

  • He we never.

  • We've never seen him in public in Iran.

  • Onda?

  • Um he was regarded sometimes even they we we used to hear his dead.

  • Maybe he's not alive.

  • So very secretive.

  • And at an assassination like this is quiet, unprecedented in Iran.

  • A big blow to Iran's security forces who who can lose a man like him, who has been like under definitely it's special security.

  • You know, Uh, they've been watching him all the time, and then this happened.

  • So I think hard questions will be asked today.

  • We've heard from Iran just a statement saying that they will avenge the death, the assassination as they have done for other scientists in the past.

  • What did you read into that?

  • Yeah, we had.

  • Like a decade ago, a number of other number of top nuclear scientists in Iran were killed.

  • At the time it was, the Iranians blamed the Israelis.

  • The Israeli officials have got a policy of not confirming and not denying a policy which we expect they would use in the coming days.

  • Probably.

  • But as you as you heard the Iranian but Foreign minister is already pointing the finger at the Israelis because, as I said, like we had another report two months ago about Israeli officials or or they have or they had ordered.

  • Uh, this is a New York Times report that saying that they killed number Al Qaeda's number two in Tehran A like two months ago.

  • And then we learned about it two weeks ago that it was Israeli officials who ordered that assassination on behalf of the Americans.

  • So, as I said, security situation, Iran is very tight on now.

  • They security forces need to answer very hard questions now as to how he was able to be targeted in this way.

  • And you think maybe in the coming days will get a clearer picture off how this assassination was carried out?

  • Obviously we will.

  • We'll get we'll get a better picture, Aziz.

  • You know, this has been, um this has been I mean since President Donald Trump Trump came to power in the United States.

  • It's been very hard for Iran to keep up with all the all the attempts to first we had the assassination of General Qasem Soleimani in Iraq.

  • And then we had this these assassinations of Al Qaeda forces like operatives in Iran two months ago, And now that they're the father off Iran's nuclear program, So these are unprecedented moments for Iran.

  • And as we know, President Trump is going to leave office in about two months.

  • So many analysts are now saying we think that Israel is trying to achieve as much as they can before President Trump is out of office.

  • Incredible developments there.

  • And yeah, thank you so much.

  • Imagine.

  • I know you're gonna be talking us through this for some hours to come.

  • Magic that after all, there from the BBC Persian Service.

  • Thank you on that breaking news that the Mohammed more seen even factories are the has bean assassinated in Iran, one of Iran's eminent top scientists, that they're more on that to come.

We start this hour with breaking news, and Iran's Defense Ministry has confirmed that one of the country's top nuclear scientists has been assassinated.

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Mohsen Fakhrizadeh, Iran's top nuclear scientist, assassinated near Tehran - BBC News

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