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  • thistles.

  • Jang Dong tucked inside the remote mountains of southwestern China.

  • It is the last Chinese cave village.

  • 18 families live here and they're only access to the outside world.

  • Is this mountain footpath le?

  • The Villagers have been living the same lifestyle for over 70 years.

  • Jinyan, She suse suse way or watch out, you're over.

  • Look at me.

  • No English.

  • I I thought I was a child in a ghetto.

  • Sanity.

  • The nearest primary school is more than two hours away.

  • Did you or did you go to the loo?

  • Jang Dong was initially created by the Miao people, an ethnic minority in China as a hideaway during times of war.

  • After the Chinese civil war ended in 1949 the Villagers stayed.

  • But because they have little access to the outside world, it continues to be one of the poorest villages in China.

  • Charlie E, uh, young, too young.

  • You're young, young, young.

  • The A Houses here are made with bamboo and wood.

  • E o E o.

  • The village did not get electricity until the early two thousands when a tourist from Minnesota discovered the cave while hiking and donated money to help modernize the village the cave became well known among hikers in the area, and the village received a sudden spike in tourists.

  • You can shoot a lot.

  • You're cutting doma e Kanye?

  • Uh, e But the flow of tourists didn't last long because the location was too remote for most people.

  • She, uh, use the whole relationship.

  • You're closing.

  • Uh, now, the local government is focused on trying to get these Villagers to move out as part of a country wide push to eliminate poverty.

  • By the end of 2020 Guizhou Province has moved close to two million people living below the poverty line to urban areas.

  • But the villages here have been reluctant to wish requirement peerages.

  • Do you, you know, or your home to just three?

  • What a sweetheart husband.

  • And when she got into him, they're also worried about losing the Onley home.

  • They know you don't need to.

  • How you going to use a shopping tackle?

  • It's like change the way you write a shopping cart.

  • Taste.

  • Oh, salty home doesn't make you dance for me.

  • You know, this is kind of a mother sas in my head And you guys more than anything, these people want better access to the outside world.

  • Do you think you guys got found?

  • There was.

  • Do you guys, uh, the father embassy now?

  • But the local government says it can't build another road because the village is located inside a national park.

  • The village of Jang Dong continues to struggle, isolated from the rest of the world.


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Inside China’s Last Cave Village

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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/12/01
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