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  • So you wanted a job that not only paid the bills but also satisfied your ambitions and fed your soul.

  • And that's why you worked so hard to pursue this dream job.

  • You learned new skills, filled out countless job applications and went on numerous interviews you and then one fateful day, you achieved your goal.

  • But now the honeymoon has ended, and you've realized that your passion for this job has faded away.

  • This feeling is more than just a bad day.

  • It's the realization that your dream job hasn't turned out the way you hoped.

  • It's okay to feel disappointed, especially after you put so much energy into chasing this job down.

  • Although you may be tempted, don't beat yourself up or take out your frustrations on others or start working poorly.

  • Doing those things will only make you more miserable, and you'll need to stay motivated.

  • If you want things to improve, figure out exactly why you don't like your job.

  • Is it your duties or the work environment?

  • Do you have an unpleasant boss?

  • Is it the lack of independence or the emotional burden it places on you, or is it simply not the opportunity you thought it waas.

  • The sooner you figure out the problem, the sooner you can address it.

  • The solution may require a change in your workflow or a conversation with your boss or co workers.

  • Hopefully, being proactive will lead to positive change and help re ignite your passion.

  • After a few conversations with right people, your issues could be solved revealing the dream job you fought so hard for.

  • But there's also a chance you can't fix those problems no matter how hard you try, which means you may want to consider finding a new job.

  • Yes, the thought of that can seem overwhelming, especially if you just finished a job search.

  • However, the longer you stay in a position you despise the MAWR.

  • It will drain your passion and enthusiasm for the sake of your happiness and professional fulfillment.

  • Don't be afraid to chase a new dream.

  • Some dreams don't last.

  • If the day ever comes where your dream job has turned into something less, take charge and don't stop until you're where you want to pay.

  • Mhm g c f.

So you wanted a job that not only paid the bills but also satisfied your ambitions and fed your soul.

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When Your Dream Job Lets You Down

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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/12/01
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