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  • extremely significant in the NFL.

  • It obviously impacted yesterday, and the impact continues.

  • Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson is among the players on that team to test positive for Cove in 19 among four latest players and one staff member to test positive yesterday.

  • So they've now had at least a dozen players test positive for the coronavirus this week.

  • They have been especially hard hit.

  • Currently 10 players on the reserve list, missing key players such as Mark Ingram and J K.

  • Dobbins and Kallias Campbell.

  • And now not only the quarterback Lamar Jackson, but a backup quarterback in Trace McSorley.

  • And so let me bring in Jeremy Fowler, our insider who has been covering the story for us like Crazy and Jeremy.

  • You were telling me that as of now again, this game is scheduled to be played just after one o'clock Eastern on Sunday.

  • As of right now, is that still the plan?

  • Greeny.

  • I just checked with the league source and was told there is no change in the status of the Baltimore Pittsburgh game.

  • As of right now, at this minute it is still on.

  • Now they're working through and monitoring this situation.

  • I checked with the Ravens.

  • They're loosely prepared to travel, so it's not looking great.

  • But the league is trying to determine right now whether this positive testing rash will subside this weekend, because that's five straight days.

  • Ravens players have had at least one positive test, so they need some good news in a hurry here.

  • But they don't want to move the game unless they absolutely have Thio.

  • And to be clear, absolutely have to would not be based upon competitive advantage or disadvantage.

  • It would just be based upon safety, right?

  • So it doesn't matter if Lamar Jackson can't play in the running backs, can't play and all that they will play this game if they feel that it is safe to do so based on coronavirus protocols.

  • Yeah, greeny personnel sort of a relevant here.

  • Whether Lamar Jackson's out and three of his backups are, you know, if they have the number of guys on the covert reserve list they've built in, you know, added practice squad players reinforcement so you could bring in.

  • It's really simply about is this game medically safe to play?

  • And so if it is, the league is going to power through like it has all year.

  • It has Week 18 in its back pocket.

  • If it has to reschedule games.

  • I'm told that's a last resort.

  • They don't want to do that so clearly.

  • Week 18 is out there.

  • They don't want to do it.

  • Forfeiture, in theory, is out there.

  • Clearly, no one wants to do that.

  • What can you tell us about the circumstance of the of the coach, um, that has been disciplined by has been suspended by the team?

  • Well, Granny, he was suspended because he didn't follow the protocol from what I've heard, and so that means you're not wearing your mask around the facility.

  • That potentially increases the spread.

  • And so you have players like Lamar Jackson.

  • They're playing the game.

  • He could have gotten it from several offensive lineman that have been put on the covert reserve list.

  • He's got running backs that he's close to in his own locker room, like J.

  • K.

  • Dobbins, Mark Ingram there on the coded list.

  • And so this is the problem the NFL is facing right now is that these guys could have contracted the 67 days ago, and the team is still getting positives so they don't get news, good news in a hurry here either Friday or Saturday, knowing that the results are gonna get better, they're gonna have to do something with the game now.

  • They could maybe move it back a few days.

  • But then the Ravens run into that problem with the Cowboys playing Thursday.

  • Now you have to move that Bacca's well, yeah, let's be clear on that.

  • The Ravens are currently scheduled, or they were supposed to play the Steelers last night.

  • That game has now been moved to Sunday.

  • They're also scheduled to play the Cowboys on Thursday.

  • So there are a lot of moving pieces in all of this.

  • And, of course, the league will take a close look at whether or not protocols were violated.

  • Jeremy, stay with me.

  • Let me take a look at why this game is so the important.

  • The Ravens are in a precarious spot in the A F C playoff picture.

  • Six and four with the Raiders and the Dolphins are football power.

  • Index gives Baltimore just over 85% chance of reaching the postseason, but that could change in a hurry.

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extremely significant in the NFL.

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