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  • Medha Imam: Fresh plantains fried, smashed,

  • and fried again to crispy perfection

  • topped with lettuce, tomatoes, and thinly sliced

  • marinated steak that melts in your mouth,

  • finished with American cheese

  • and a heaping spoonful of garlic.

  • It's the way this tender steak and fresh ingredients

  • are sandwiched between crunchy plantains

  • that makes the jibarito a legend in Chicago.

  • The jibarito is a Puerto Rican-inspired sandwich,

  • but it was created here in Chicago,

  • which is home to one of the largest populations

  • of Puerto Ricans in the mainland US.

  • Throughout the city,

  • you'll find plenty of restaurants serving jibaritos,

  • but the local favorite is Jibaritos y Más.

  • Customer: It's delicious. It's crunchy,

  • it has a lot of flavor. I love it.

  • Medha: This is one of the best sandwiches

  • I've ever had in my life.

  • Medha: Jibaritos y Más offers several versions

  • of its jibarito, like pork or shrimp.

  • But the most popular version is the steak jibarito.

  • Medha: To start off, the meat is stewed for 30 minutes

  • in a mixture of garlic, onion, adobo, and seasoning.

  • Medha: Next comes the plantains.

  • Medha: The plantains are fried for seven minutes,

  • pressed into a flat sheet, then fried again

  • in order to achieve that crispy texture.

  • Medha: After frying the plantains,

  • it's time to assemble the jibarito.

  • Medha: The next layer is your meat of choice

  • and American cheese.

  • Finally, the jibarito is topped with

  • a large spoonful of garlic.

  • Customer: I go for the steak, always.

  • I mean, like I said, I've tried the pork. I love it.

  • But for me it's the steak.

  • Customer: It's got great taste.

  • You can smell it down the block.

  • Customer: Yeah, 'cause it's right down the street

  • from my house. [all laugh]

  • Medha: Jibaritos y Más makes all types of jibaritos.

  • The one that I have today is the shrimp jibarito.

  • The first thing I immediately smell is the garlic.

  • Here I go.

  • It's gonna get messy.

  • [crunching]

  • This is fantastic.

  • That's magnificent. So good.

  • Twice-frying the plantain really does make this

  • crunchy and crispy, exactly what you would want.

  • And also, also, the garlic that really hits you

  • with all that flavor. Ugh.

  • For me, I love that there's a variation

  • in different textures.

  • There's the crunch of the plantain,

  • there's the soft, supple shrimp in between,

  • and then you have the crunch of the lettuce,

  • the cheese that's melting just right.

  • Yelitza's passion for the jibarito

  • started 20 years ago when she first arrived in the US

  • and started working in local Puerto Rican restaurants.

  • Medha: Oh, wow.

  • Medha: Oh, wow.

Medha Imam: Fresh plantains fried, smashed,

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Jibaritos Are A Must-Eat Puerto Rican-Inspired Sandwich In Chicago | Legendary Eats

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