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  • Imagine

  • On the other side of this life

  • Peering down on the world

  • To see an artist

  • Passionately painting your face as an homage to your life. What did you do?

  • What did you change on this little blue planet

  • He is the greatest of all time and he was the greatest of all time because of

  • What he did outside of the ring your actions echo through history

  • Long after you are gone

  • This is greatness

  • you see

  • Greatness is a word so carelessly passed around but what is true greatness loving his humanity his humility

  • It's not something you are born with it cannot be gifted or bore

  • real greatness

  • True greatness is finding your best way to serve the world

  • positive impact on other people's lives

  • putting them

  • Before yourself, it was my idol. Nobody will reach halfway of what he did. It's fulfilling your destiny

  • It's finding your purpose

  • True greatness is doing what you believe in in the face of adversity

  • True

  • Up greatness

  • injustice

  • True brightness is using your voice

  • You want me to go somewhere and fight, but you won't even stand up for me here at home true greatness transcends generations nations borders

  • you see true greatness without livers all

  • You will live forever in the changes you made

  • True greatness is beyond boxing

  • You can be great at something

  • But that doesn't make you a great person god, don't praise me because I beat your fridge he wants to know

  • How do we treat each other? How do we help each other ali knew this?

  • Ali represents hope he represents fight heart and power i'm gonna dedicate my life helping people

  • Uniting people ali represents unity togetherness an unwillingness to settle in the face of adversity to stand back up

  • This fight is for the freedom justice equality of the black man in america

  • So that I may take my title and my fame and go out and uplift little black people in the ghettos black people's catching hell

  • Black people who entertainers won't speak for all those entertainers not getting on them, but i'm saying I have to lead the way

  • Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on earth

  • Ali said that

  • Greatness is not settling for fame money and glory

  • True greatness is stepping back into the unknown

  • Risking your own legacy to help others

  • Everything muhammad ali had built over the years as the greatest boxer to ever live

  • on the line

  • For us he stood up and said i'll give up the greatest title in the world because I will be a man of conviction

  • And if I can be half that man

  • He is the greatest

  • To call him a great boxer is an injustice he was bigger than boxing bigger than movie stars. It was something special

  • I am the greatest

  • I'm so fast, man. I can run through a hurricane and don't get wet when joyful meets me

  • He'll pay his debt. I can drown the drink of water and kill a dead tree

  • wait

  • do you see muhammad ali i'm gonna show you how great I am for I am the man this poem is about

  • The next chapter of the world there is no doubt this I predict and I know the school

  • Just like I came in beating a big bad monster who knocks out everybody and no one can whoop him

  • that's when that little cache is played when louisville kentucky came up and stopped son and less than the man who

  • Annihilated floyd palace and twice he was going to kill me at least a giant

  • different breed of person

  • It's not like us i've wrestled with alligators

  • I've tossed them with a whale on handcuffed lightning and for thundering jail i'm gonna show you how great I am

  • That is why our lea is so revered so loved by all ali was so much more than a great boxer

  • He was a great person

  • Be great now today

  • You just have to decide

  • Who knows if we get to look back down when our time does come but if we do?

  • What do you want to see?

  • Rest in peace muhammad ali

  • What would you like people to think about you when you've gone i'd like for them to say he took a few cups of love

  • He took one tablespoon of patience

  • one

  • tablespoon teaspoon of generosity

  • one pint of kindness

  • He took one quart of laughter one pinch of concern and then he mixed willingness with happiness

  • He added lots of faith and he stirred it up

  • Well, then he spread it over a span of a lifetime and he served it to each and every deserving person he met


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LEGACY | Muhammad Ali - Most Inspiring Video

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