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  • Hello, and welcome to The English

  • We Speak. I'm Feifei.

  • And I'm Roy!

  • What are you doing? There are keys

  • everywhere! What is that noise?

  • Sorry, I was just cutting some keys!

  • It turns out that I've been doing my job

  • wrong all these years!

  • Ah! I know what happened. Neil called

  • you to say you're not a key worker, right?

  • Exactly! All this time at the BBC and

  • I hadn't cut a single key! I'm lucky Neil

  • was so forgiving. He had no idea what

  • to say when I told him I'd start cutting keys.

  • I'm not surprised he didn't know

  • what to say! A key worker is someone

  • who provides an essential service,

  • like a doctor or nurse.

  • Yep, that's more logical. I get

  • confused sometimes.

  • You do. Let's listen to these

  • examples while you get rid

  • of those keys.

  • My friends Jorge and Zdenka

  • are both key workers! They do

  • the amazing job of teaching kids.

  • Michiko is a key worker, but her

  • class is closed at the moment

  • due to the outbreak of the virus.

  • Key workers need to have easy

  • access to their places of work

  • during the coronavirus crisis.

  • This is The English We Speak from

  • BBC Learning English and we're

  • talking about the expression 'key worker'.

  • This refers to a person who is seen

  • to give an essential service or have

  • an important role such as a teacher,

  • doctor or nurse.

  • That's right! 'Key' in this expression

  • relates to 'vital' or 'important'.

  • Not to keys that open locks.

  • Correct. And it's been quite a

  • common expression during the

  • coronavirus pandemic. People have

  • been talking about the importance of

  • key workers being able to do their

  • jobs during a world crisis.

  • That's right. In fact, I could say

  • it's been a key point of discussion.

  • I really respect the amazing jobs that

  • people like doctors, nurses, emergency

  • service staff and teachers do.

  • Yes, me too. One thing though,

  • Roy... How much did you spend on

  • that key-cutting machine?

  • Enough to say 'please don't

  • tell my wife - she'll be really

  • angry'. Do you want me

  • to cut you a new key?

  • No. I don't want to

  • encourage you! Bye, Roy.

  • Bye!

Hello, and welcome to The English

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Key worker - The English We Speak

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