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  • Hi.

  • This is Chris Pratt, and I'm Jennifer Lawrence.

  • We're doing a wired auto complete interview.

  • Oh, sorry, but I almost cut that man's head off now.

  • Have been awesome.

  • Is Jennifer Lawrence and Natural Blonde?

  • Are any of we?

  • Yeah.

  • I mean, yeah, not this blonde, but, you know, technically, blonde, do I keep going.

  • You're holding.

  • You peel it.

  • Okay.

  • Is Jennifer Lawrence good?

  • I'm assuming that's his archery.

  • I could kill somebody if they move slowly enough.

  • Um, Is Jennifer Lawrence Hispanic?

  • I regret to say no.

  • I am not.

  • Is Jennifer Lawrence submitted to E.

  • I am actually fun.

  • Fact related to Jeremy Renner.

  • That that is true.

  • Somebody did an ancestry report on him.

  • And turns out we're like third cousins or something.

  • So where's my president?

  • It's Jennifer moving to Lincoln, Nebraska.

  • I hope not, But maybe I haven't been informed of something.

  • I am going to Lincoln, Nebraska.

  • Okay, Chris, Begin.

  • What is Chris Pratt made of doing?

  • I'll tell you what he's doing.

  • He's promoting a movie called Passengers.

  • Critics are saying is the greatest movie in the history of time.

  • What is Chris Pratt known for?

  • Primarily he's known for a film called Passengers the Best Movie in history in the history of movies.

  • What is Chris Pratt like in real life?

  • Imagine your worst nightmare and then multiply it.

  • If your worst nightmare has to do with laughing.

  • No, you brought it home and you were nice to me.

  • Is Chris Pratt from Minnesota?

  • My entire families from Minnesota?

  • I was born in Minnesota, however, about three years old.

  • I moved away and grew up in, uh, primarily Washington State.

  • Uh huh.

  • But I love Minnesota and I hate Jennifer Eyes Chris Pratt.

  • Ah, Lefty.

  • No, I am Jena's.

  • What knife is Chris Pratt using in Jurassic World?

  • Thank you.

  • I'm so glad you asked.

  • Was a custom made knife and it was so badass and I stole it.

  • And I have it now and it's right by my bed.


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