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  • Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs is a theory in psychology.

  • It argues that there are five stages of human needs

  • that motivate our behaviour.

  • Abraham Maslow proposed his theory in 1943

  • after studying what he called exemplary people

  • such as Albert Einstein or Eleanor Roosevelt.

  • First there are physiological needs,

  • such as the need to breathe,

  • eat, drink or sleep.

  • The moment we got enough of that

  • and we feel awake and our bellies are full,

  • we get motivated by the next thing.

  • Now we want safety.

  • We try to earn money,

  • build up resources

  • and look for shelter that protects us against dangers.

  • Once we are satisfied and feel safe,

  • we have time to think about what we want next.

  • At stage three we seek love and belonging.

  • We desire to be close to family and friends,

  • belong to a society or join a gang.

  • But the moment we feel completely part of a group

  • we already wish to be a little different than the rest.

  • At stage four we look for esteem,

  • self-confidence and respect from our peers.

  • We want to be someone.

  • If we have money, we buy a fancy watch.

  • If we have a brain, we write or think or work a lot.

  • Motivation to perform and compete is now at its highest.

  • Students, sportsmen and inventors excel.

  • Neil Armstrong even flew to the moon.

  • only if we breathe,

  • and drink and eat and sleep enough

  • and we feel safe and part of a group

  • and still special,

  • only then we can reach level five:

  • self-actualisation.

  • Now we can relax,

  • be creative,

  • accept facts for what they are,

  • give back or do whatever we want.

  • No more pressure,

  • unless of course there is trouble below.

  • If you are leader and believe in the theory,

  • use it.

  • First make sure everyone has eaten well.

  • Then make them feel safe and help them belong to a group.

  • Once they feel they belong,

  • they are ready to stand out and excel.

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Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs is a theory in psychology.

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Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs

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