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  • Hey, sir, I felt how are you?

  • Yeah, How's it going?

  • I'm doing all right.

  • All considering I feel like that's a loaded question in 2020 you know?

  • Yeah.

  • No kidding.

  • How would you describe what quarantine experience was like for a family of 11?

  • Yeah, it was It was pretty crazy.

  • But you know what?

  • I think that's the biggest thing we can give Our Children is our time and being present because each of them or want to share their story of something that happened in their day.

  • And it's the biggest thing that happened to them.

  • Although there's times when in your mind you're going man, get to the end of this thing.

  • You know, there are those times you have handled criticism in a very distinct way throughout your career and you get in this new environment in Indy.

  • And I heard you talking about it basically saying, Like, Look, I decided Thio to read some of what you all were saying.

  • Why did you take that approach?

  • It's a weird explanation, but it's just kind of like I just kinda wanna see like what?

  • What's the chatter?

  • I mean, I've talked to these guys on soon.

  • What do they really think?

  • So what do you see?

  • To the degree of you know, the one interception was just unacceptably terrible.

  • Was like, Well, that's fair it waas or taking a safety That's inexcusable.

  • I'm in a town where, you know Peyton Manning, who was the one all time favorite, has set the standard pretty high here and then followed by Andrew.

  • Lot continue the standard pretty high.

  • There used to pretty good quarterback play here.

  • I was the absolute antithesis of their guy.

  • Two playoff game wins against the Colts.

  • That was the last guy you know that they're probably looking to pull for.

  • I do think it's really interesting, um, to care mawr about the relationships, no matter who it is, especially towards the end of your career.

  • I'm just curious, though.

  • Do you think you could have done that well early on in your career, when you were still kind of establishing your place in the league?

  • Yeah, probably not as much, I think.

  • That's certainly come over time.

  • There was a time 15 years ago where I would have been worried about what do they really think they would have bothered me someone doesn't really think I could make this throw it now.

  • It's kind of like I don't think you make it all right I think you know it doesn't bother me in that way.

  • Look, Philip Rivers was an outstanding quarterback, but right now he is too slow.

  • He just can't move anymore.

  • Yeah, and Rex, I will agree with you.

  • There's not one category statistically, that Philip Rivers is standing out for the coats.

  • I've laughed because I've gotten a watch a little bit the last last week cause we played the way got to play the poor caught game.

  • Hey, Rex, Ryan.

  • Philip Rivers been hot ever since you called him out since I called them out.

  • Since we wait him out, just tell Randy and Rex just toe own it, just toe own, you know, they keep arguing about who it is.

  • They said they were done.

  • They just they could just own it.

  • It's OK.

  • We've gotten after Rex's defense plenty of times he beat us and playoff.

  • There's no hard feelings with Rex with that, but I was like, Goodness Rex, All of a sudden, I can't play anymore.

  • Have you watched any film?

Hey, sir, I felt how are you?

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How Phillip Rivers' latest criticisms have fueled his game with the Colts | NFL Countdown

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