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  • college basketball is back and better than ever tonight.

  • Well, we hope they officially get underway.

  • With a number of top ranked teams in action, including Number three Villanova taking on Boston College, you'll see it on ESPN.

  • And if college basketball is back, that means it is time for my uncle Seth Greenberg.

  • No relation.

  • Who joins us here?

  • Getting ready to go.

  • All right, Seth, Here we go.

  • As fans get ready for this and you know, it sort of comes up on us every single year.

  • Give the fans three players they need to be keeping an eye on as the season begins.

  • First.

  • Kate Cunningham, Kate Cunningham, Oklahoma State.

  • 66 point guard sees over the defense.

  • Beat you off the bounce shoots the three.

  • Reads all five defenders.

  • He instantly makes Oklahoma State must see TV.

  • He's a dynamic guard with size and length.

  • You will be the number one pick in the NBA draft, and he gets others involved.

  • He's a facilitator.

  • He is a special player and of Oklahoma State's eligible for the tournament.

  • He'll be fun to watch Luka Garza To me, my man Ghar Zilla.

  • He plays harder than any player in college basketball.

  • He's relentless.

  • Reminds me a little bit of Tyler hands Borough.

  • He gets to the foul line because he plays to contact.

  • He can knock down the three.

  • You can put him in a ball screen and in short role, and he is relentless, absolutely relentless on the glass.

  • Then we got my man Scotty Barn.

  • Scotty Barnes at Florida State.

  • People say Wait a second.

  • Scotty Barnes, Florida State Leonard Hamilton said.

  • He's a mix between Magic Johnson and Scottie Pippen.

  • Yes, I said that right?

  • Magic Johnson.

  • Scottie Pippen, 69 point forward, can initiate the fast break.

  • He's a relentless defender as great energy that he plays with, Leonard says.

  • He has a voice, and what I mean by that is he is totally engaged in the game with his teams, and he's connected.

  • Those three guys are gonna be a blast to watch those two freshmen.

  • A little Zion esque all right, And he looks so We got Zion.

  • We got Scottie Pippen.

  • We've got Magic Johnson.

  • We're doing pretty good.

  • And, you know, what's basketball season?

  • If Seth Greenberg is using the term off the bounce, then you know college basketball is back.

  • Give us the teams, then.

  • So who are we watching for?

  • Everybody, is that there?

  • But look, this is gonna be a crazy season, of course, with all kinds of other considerations.

  • But if everybody is at their best, who were the best teams in the country?

  • I think Gonzaga Corey, Kiss Bird is back through.

  • Tim is going to give him a terrific inside scoring threat.

  • They've got experience.

  • I've got toughness, love Gonzaga.

  • Then right from there, you're gonna go to Villanova.

  • You know you're talking about Villanova team four returning starters.

  • Colin Gillespie makes big shots.

  • Jeremy Robinson all gives him an inside scorer.

  • Then on top of that, you got Virginia.

  • You say Yes, there, Virginia.

  • Embrace the pace there for real.

  • And then my outside the box screen is Illinois.

  • I would assume you my play as hard as any player in the country.

  • The dude's a winning player and makes big shots.

  • And then one very quick thought you were telling me the impact that cove it could have.

  • The one thing you said to me is we're getting said that I hadn't heard anybody else say, What's the one thing no.

  • One is talking about that could wind up being a big impact this year.

  • Real quick can't play.

  • The game is about the officials.

  • What happens if an official in the crew test positive that whole crew is done for 14 days?

  • You multiply that by a couple of different officiating crews that gets impacted.

  • You're gonna run out of officials.

  • You're gonna play games with only two officials.

  • So we're talking about the games.

  • The games can be played without the officials.

  • That's gonna be a factor throughout the course of the season.

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college basketball is back and better than ever tonight.

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