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  • It's time for this week's parting shots.

  • In a matter of months, we've gone from praying for our sports to return to just hoping they'll survive.

  • The road to every football weekend has been paved with eggshells as covert cases constantly threatened games.

  • But no major sports seems to have had it as bad as college basketball.

  • The first sport to cancel its grand finale back in March is now facing the most complicated path to restart.

  • Among the men's teams already canceling or postponing nonconference games or Baylor and Duke, Syracuse is Jim Boeheim.

  • Michigan State's Tom Izzo, Baylor, Scott Drew and Tennessee's Rick Barnes are among the coaches who have had the virus.

  • Meanwhile, the U Conn.

  • Women's team shut down the start of its season because of a positive test in the program.

  • All this before the season even began.

  • And with the Center for Disease Control advising people not to travel at this point, with many of the other sports finding a path to play, it would only be fair of college.

  • Hoops gets a proper chance.

  • But fairness isn't really a measure.

  • We can apply here.

  • I own a coach.

  • Rick Pitino went to Twitter earlier this month.

  • Toe advocate Pushing back the season Looking at a possible May madness, but even that has no guarantee of looking any different.

  • So it appears we push forward and go back to praying for survival.

  • Best of luck.

  • College hoops Hope it's worth it.

  • Hey, college football fans.

  • What if I told you that your team could have a better chance at winning this weekend, but it would take adding a woman to the roster in 2020.

  • I can't believe we have toe have this discussion.

  • Vanderbilt football is without a reliable kicker, and coach Derek Mason is confirmed.

  • They're using women's soccer player Sarah Fuller, who would be believed to be the first woman that would play in a power five football game.

  • Remember what being a fan is about?

  • It's about watching your team hopefully win.

  • We ask athletes to play no matter the cost, unless they don't fit the gender or sexuality that some fans are comfortable with.

  • That makes no sense.

  • Dandy fans haven't had much to be proud of this season until now, because making decisions based on what helps your team, no matter what a person looks like, is the ultimate demand we should always be making of our favorite team.

  • Winning should always be an equal opportunity proposition.

  • D Shawn Watson is the beacon of light for a franchise mired in perpetual dysfunction, the glimmer of hope within an organization that is trending in the wrong direction for far too long.

  • But through it all, Watson has remained steady, optimistic, appreciative of the opportunity at hand, the role model who rallies behind his community just as fiercely as Houston residents cheer for him on Sundays, the unflappable leader on the football field carrying a depleted roster on his back each week as he tries to win games with arm strength, athleticism and sheer will.

  • The Texans are three and seven, but the record obscures how vital Watson is to their grand plan.

  • In recent years, he watched as his roster was dismantled, talented, weapons jettisoned and his most fear target shipped away in a stunning trade.

  • And yet, with Watson, the Texans always have a chance.

  • Houston's immediate future is murky, with no first or second round draft picks in 2021 and a dearth of talent on both sides of the ball.

  • But Watson's presence is reason enough to entice top head coaching candidates.

  • Toe.

  • Want to join the fold?

  • That is how good he is now.

  • Hopefully, for his sake, the Texans show the same level of commitment and higher head coach and GM who will do right by their franchise Q B because that is what Watson deserves.

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It's time for this week's parting shots.

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Deshaun Watson gives the Houston Texans hope | Outside the Lines

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