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  • We're now joined by Adam Schefter and Adam, I guess the most obvious question right off the top.

  • What happens with Sunday's game between the Ravens and Steelers?

  • Listen, there are divergent point of views here in the bill, I think, if you ask the NFL, the league has said up until tonight that the game would be on on Sunday at 1 15 Eastern.

  • But that was before Forem or players tested positive and one more Ravens staffer tested positive.

  • Now we've got close to a dozen players who have tested positive.

  • We've got a number of staffers that have tested positive, and I think in the health and safety interests that it's hard to play the game When John Harbaugh, the head coach, told his players on Thanksgiving night that they're not gonna be allowed back into the building until Monday at the earliest.

  • So if they're not allowed back in the building until Monday at the earliest, you could only imagine how difficult it would be to play a game on Sunday.

  • So there are a lot of questions right now.

  • The Ravens have their point of view.

  • The league has got their point of view.

  • The Pittsburgh Steelers have their point of view, and it's up to somebody to bring this all together and make it work out in a fair and justifiable way.

  • Well, you talk about making it work out.

  • What's the league's approach to trying to make the schedule work?

  • Because it's got to be complicated?

  • Well, the issue right now, the Bills that were passed, the BIS outside of Tampa Bay in Carolina, which haven't had their buys.

  • We are past Thanksgiving Day games.

  • We are well into the season.

  • And so some of the wiggle room and flexibility that the NFL had earlier in the season when they juggle the schedule isn't really there anymore.

  • So now there's the NFL.

  • Go to the scenario that it's talked about a few weeks ago, where it expands the playoff field from 7 to 8 teams in each conference.

  • Now, if it does that, the irony here would be that Pittsburgh right now is the number one seed in the A F.

  • C.

  • So because the virus spread in Baltimore with the Ravens and the week they're playing the Steelers, the Steelers could lose their by that they right now are on course tohave issue there.

  • Pittsburgh, as we know, is not happy about that right now.

  • Or maybe the league decides to add an 18th week.

  • Or maybe the league decides to shift the playoff structure to win percentage teams with the highest win percentages.

  • Go again.

  • We are in a situation that the league has never had to deal with before, and it's gonna be up to the league on Friday once it's back in the office to figure out what's the fairest and most equitable way to deal with this unprecedented scenario.

  • Now, with Lamar Jackson expect to be placed on the Cove in 19 reserve list on Friday, what does that mean for his playing status against Dallas next Thursday?

  • Typically, we've seen players who have tested positive miss two games and again, as you pointed out, the Ravens at this time are currently scheduled to play in a short week next week, Thursday night against the Dallas Cowboys.

  • Now we don't know whether that game will be played.

  • There is a lot open the air right now.

  • Maybe the NFL as field Yates, my colleague pointed out, could juggle the Washington Steelers game that's supposed to be on Sunday moving up to Thursday, moved back to Baltimore Dallas game again.

  • Ah, lot of decisions that the league is gonna be sifting through in the league office on Friday and trying to come up with the most fair and equitable way to deal with this particular scenario.

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We're now joined by Adam Schefter and Adam, I guess the most obvious question right off the top.

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