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  • Ethiopia's prime minister.

  • Abiomed has ordered theme military to launch its final offensive against rebel leaders in the northern region off to dry in a conflict that aid groups fear could worsen the humanitarian crisis there.

  • In a statement, Mr Abe said there was a carefully devised strategy to defeat the to Grind People's Liberation Front in the regional capital McCallie, without harming civilians.

  • This is the fifth largest city in Ethiopia.

  • It has a prominent university, more than nine and 10 of the population at Ethiopian Orthodox Christians, according to a national census.

  • There are reported to be about tens of thousands of TPLF fighters in and around the city, including many high ranking former members off Ethiopia's military and intelligence forces who were pushed out after the 2018 elections.

  • Let's take you to our correspondent talc Adani Bottle, who joins us now from Addis Ababa.

  • I know how difficult it is to get information out of to dry, but can we confirm that this final offensive is the prime minister is calling?

  • It is now underway.

  • It looks that way.

  • As you say.

  • It's very difficult to know exactly what's happening right now.

  • We don't even know if the actual fighting is happening right now.

  • But since prime minister announced that the military are order to launch what he called the final phase off this military offensive, it's reasonable to expect that some sort off, uh, operation is going on there.

  • Some sort of clashes are happening there, but what we know is now we're seeing Mawr off this conflict and potentially for the coming days.

  • A or even Mawr way might see fighting going on.

  • What are we hearing from the TPLF?

  • Have they said that they will surrender, or are they vowing to fight on?

  • Well, thes military offensive?

  • This latest military 50 was not unexpected because earlier in the week, Prime Minister Rabi offered or announced a 72 hour ultimatum for the TPLF fighters toe under peacefully.

  • During that time, the top leadership of the party as they rejected those calls, and they say that they would, ah, fight to the end, and they they say that they were ready to sacrifice all that's necessary to defend against what they call invaders.

  • So they're not surrendering, and we're seeing both both parties are going in into this fighting, so no, no, we're not expecting surrendering at least at this point.

  • The prime minister says he will try and keep civilians safe.

  • In Michael.

  • Do we know how that would be possible and also what the humanitarian situation is right now?

  • Uh, that's very difficult to know how that can be achieved.

  • But he said that extract here will be given for for civilians, the protection of civilians and hey said that the whole troops will be very careful not to cause any harm in the city.

  • But that's very difficult to see how that can happen because if the fighting, if there is an active fighting going on in the city where more than half a million people live, it's very difficult to see how civilians cannot be some sort of casualties on.

  • Do we understand that the humanitarian crisis is worsening?

  • More than 42,000 Ethiopians have already crossed borders to Sudan and there are many others internally displaced.

  • The government announced it too, today that they're going to offer emergency assistance in the areas that they're controlling, and they're also setting up four camps for those who like to return voluntarily from Sudan.

  • But if the fighting is still going on.

  • That's difficult to see how people will choose to return.

  • Uh, toe Ethiopia right now.

  • Cardin.

  • Thanks for updating us from Addis Ababa.

  • We also have a live page up and running for you on our website, as I mentioned, really difficult to confirm what's happening into grifone.

  • Mobile Internet communications with the entire region have been cut, but everything we know we're putting on this website for you updating it regularly, and you can also find out some background information there to some of the history off the conflict there.

Ethiopia's prime minister.

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Ethiopia declares assault on Tigray region capital - BBC News

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