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  • Here's how to set up a discord server bought, and this video will cover a few ways to utilize the discord bought.

  • Used the clickable sections below to skip around to the different sections.

  • Ah, popular way to add about two discord is by going to M e e six dot x y z.

  • Click the button that says, Add to discord.

  • It will ask for permission to access your discord account.

  • Click authorize now select the server you'd like to create your body in and click set up M E E.

  • Six.

  • If you want to know how to make a server, we have linked a video on description below that explains how to do it and the window that pops up.

  • Make sure that the correct server is selected, then click continue on the next page, scroll down and click Authorize.

  • We're now at the Plug Ins page, where we can choose what kind of bought we want to create.

  • Let's make a bought that welcomes new users to the server.

  • Click on Welcome.

  • Check the button that says, Send the message when a user joints the server.

  • Next, select the proper channel for the baht from the drop down menu, we can either leave the welcome message as is or customize it When finished.

  • Click save at the bottom right of the page.

  • Let's navigate back to the play against Page and make another bottle.

  • We're going to make a moderator, but click on the moderator icon, then click yes to enable it Scroll down toe auto moderator.

  • Here we could decide what kind of rules we want to give our auto moderator we're going to allow are about to censor curse words.

  • Navigate to the bad words section from the drop down menu.

  • We can decide to automatically delete bad messages, warn the user or both.

  • Let's choose to warn our members.

  • Let's now navigate back to the plug ins page for one final Bott.

  • The M E six platform has a variety of dynamic abilities, including one that will notify our channel users whenever we go live on twitch.

  • Click on the twitch icon at the bottom right of the page.

  • When asked to enable the plug in click Yes, now we can add a twitch channel, write a message to send to our channel members and select the channel to add the baht to finally click Save.

Here's how to set up a discord server bought, and this video will cover a few ways to utilize the discord bought.

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How To Make A Discord Bot

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