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  • Welcome to Hangzhou, one of China's top tourist destinations.

  • Located on China's east coast, this city is famous for its ancient pagodas, beautiful lake and vast green tea fields.

  • This'll area is full of waterways, a perfect home for fish and for growing vegetables.

  • Food here tends to be light, sweet and sour.

  • Here are five things you need to try.

  • Pan fried scallion wrap This Hangzhou specialty called dates back about 800 years, when Hangzhou was the capital of China.

  • Its name comes from a row.

  • Filed figure in Chinese history Named King Why pr Szechuan Noodles things Dish combines week noodles with local ingredients like bamboo shoots and pickled mustard greens.

  • This particular shop is so popular that people line up for hours just to get a steaming hot full of noodles.

  • Can't sweet and sour dumplings?

  • Hangzhou food is known for being sweet and sour, and there's no better example than sweet and sour dumplings or Wang Chu chin chow osmanthus flavored lotus root paste.

  • In the fall, you can smell osmanthus flowers everywhere.

  • It's used in a lot of desserts to such as lotus root paste, Yeah, malt sugar candy.

  • The candy is a popular souvenir for visitors.

  • Yes.

  • Yeah.

  • You can find these five foods here at these locations.

  • And if you want more info on these places, be sure to hit the links in the description and is always feel free to taste around.

  • This'll wraps up season one of five street eats.

  • We hope you enjoyed it, huh, Jim Job.

  • Jiangsu too.

  • E.

Welcome to Hangzhou, one of China's top tourist destinations.

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