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  • I am Elena Della Donne.

  • I play basketball, but I'm also a woodworker.

  • My wife and I have always been into D I y.

  • So, Amanda, being the moment the business brain was like way gotta make something out of this, we decided to start our own business.

  • And the rest is history not being able to play basketball because of the pandemic, we decided to rebrand and really step it up.

  • When you want to make a really great brand, you've gotta have something memorable.

  • That's the logo way.

  • Also know we can Onley go so far.

  • There's times where you need to call in a professional.

  • Hey, Atlanta, how's it going?

  • I'm Deanna.

  • I am a multidisciplinary artist originally from Miami, but I live here now in Brooklyn.

  • I got my start with logo and branding and now have expanded into illustration, mural work, art direction, set design, you name it.

  • I double in all about what goes into a logo is really identifying who that person is, so that process looks very different for everybody.

  • But where it starts is getting to know the person I would love to hear, you know, from your point of view, the what the who and the why why even started to create the brand?

  • My wife and I needed a coffee table and we went to furniture places, and we like, couldn't believe the prices on things were like Way could make something cooler and for way less.

  • Somewhere I got to talk to her and get to know her as a person.

  • Allowed me to really understand who she is as an artist and really the essence of the craft that she loves so much clean lines, it's clean colors.

  • We like it to be a one of one where if you buy this piece, it's gonna be in your house and your house on Lee.

  • So how I hope to attack it is give you something that your product and something that can truly resonate with your audience is, Well, we are ready for that step.

  • Creating the logo.

  • I got to have a conversation with them.

  • I got to know more of their backstory, and from there I took all that information and started idea hating on paper.

  • This'll company, to me, is about like love and passion, because it began with my wife and I wanting to build something beautiful for our home.

  • From there I went to in the digital process, which is finalizing those sketches, cleaning them up a little bit and giving someone something that they're really proud off.

  • We can't wait to see what you've created for us.

  • Yeah, I'm super stoked to finally share these logos with you.

  • Alright, Nervous eso for this first set of logos I wanted Thio incorporate that rustic feel.

  • I love the wood grain that you've brought into this.

  • It's what we are.

  • What makes wood working unique is like each piece of wood is its own thing and has its own kind of like, ah, fingerprint, for example, which it kind of looks like that.

  • Oh, I like version to also now utilize that geometric shape that we often find in your pieces which I thought was a nice touch.

  • I'm drawn to the second one, but I love the wood grain.

  • The first one is just so us.

  • Nobody else has that because nobody else gets to have you.

  • Thank you.

  • That just made my day.

  • This has been an amazing process.

  • Thank you for creating this for us.

  • And for also like hearing what we're about, and then turning that into something that we could be so proud of.

  • We've grown this into a business that we're super proud of, and Donna was really able to understand, like what the brand means to us and what we wanted toe look like and how it can resonate with our customers when looking at the final logo.

  • I truly believe that it represents everything that this couple is rooted in.

  • Working with Amanda and Elena was more than I can even fathom being able thio join versus with women that are pushing the culture forward to really create something really beautiful, yeah.

I am Elena Della Donne.

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Elena Delle Donne’s Side Hustle Became a Full Business | Bring Out The Best

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