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  • Well, here is Diego Maradona, speaking to the BBC back in 2000 and six.

  • I ought to thank the guy upstairs.

  • The the beard, as I call him.

  • Hey gives me opportunities on.

  • I make the most of them e and I give my all to make the most of.

  • While crowds have been gathering outside the private resorts in Buenos Aires, in Argentina, where Maradona had been staying after leaving hospital, you can see a mixture of fans turning up to pay tribute as well as the press.

  • Aziz.

  • Well, we also have these pictures from Naples, where he played for seven years.

  • I think those people are chanting There's only one Maradona.

  • No one's going to dispute that.

  • Fans have been lighting flares and candles and you can see that this man is still a legend in the city.

  • His picture and image is found in lots of neighborhoods.

  • He played there for seven quite incredible seasons between 1984 and 1991 and crucially, one Syria, twice with Napoli, something that no one in the city has ever for gotten well.

  • Tributes have been pouring in from all around the world.

  • Gary Lineker, now one of the top football presenters.

  • But of course, in England, International as well says, by some distance, the best player of my generation and arguably the greatest of all time after a blessed but trouble life.

  • Hopefully you'll finally some find some comfort in the hands of God.

  • And then there's this from Pele may be the only person who you could have a conversation about who the greatest is about, he says.

  • I have lost a great friend, and the world has lost a legend.

  • There is still much to be said, but for now, may God give strength to your family, Pelley goes on one day, I hope we can play football together in the sky on from a current great from a former great to a current great Christiano Ronaldo now plays for You vent us today, he says.

  • I said farewell to a friend and the world said farewell to an eternal genius, one of the best ever unmatched magician, says Ronaldo.

  • And then we have this from the NL messy Argentinian, Of course, Barcelona star.

  • His footballing style has often been compared to Maradona.

  • They're both short men, both incredible dribblers, he says.

  • A very sad day for all Argentines and for football.

  • He leaves us but does not leave because Diego is eternal, says messy, while Marcela Mora is one of the best known Argentinian football journalists and we've spoken toe from Buenos Aires, a blow for the country, a blow for the sports world and, in fact a uh, something that in a way shouldn't be unexpected.

  • But really isn't that surprising?

  • I mean, you've done a very comprehensive review of Maradona's life and ailments and career, but I think he he was.

  • We came to think of him a somehow immortal or invincible.

  • He always lands on his feet.

  • I mean, in 2000 and 18, he had a close, uh, shave.

  • We could say when he was publicly taken out of the stadium on a stretcher.

  • And I think way felt, Ah lot of us watching that Maybe this was it on.

  • It wasn't till I remember talking to Valdano at the time in 2000 and 18 and him saying, Don't worry.

  • Diego is like hats.

  • He always bounces back on his 60th birthday just on the 30th of October.

  • So, you know, a few weeks ago there were a lot of jokes here in Buenos Aires about where was Diego's party?

  • Andi People going?

  • No, no, but he's different now.

  • He's calmed down.

  • There is no party.

  • But even so, he did have a kind of appearance walking around the stadium of NASA Scream where he now works, which a local commentator said he was walked through.

  • It was a bit like a zoo exhibition on.

  • He looked incredibly unwell already.

  • I mean, Maura unwell than I've seen him before, ever on just a few days later, he was taken into surgery and hasn't really been seen well since.

  • So I think we can assume it's he's just not recovered.

  • For more Reaction from Latin America hears Katie Watson in Sao Paulo Well, certainly, here in Brazil, it has bean the only thing that people are talking about.

  • Ever since the news of his death broke in Argentina, there's a three day mourning that's being declared.

  • The president said that you took us to the top of the world.

  • You made us immensely happy you were the greatest of all will be celebrations off his life memorial later this evening in the center of Buenos Aires, before of course will be details coming out about his funeral.

  • But here in Brazil really interesting discussion because, of course, as we heard there, Maradona is one of the greatest footballers ever.

  • But here in Brazil courses Pele, who is it was always the rival.

  • Even Pele said that it was sad news.

  • Today I have lost a dear friend.

  • The world has lost a legend.

  • There's much more to say.

  • But for now, may God give his family strength.

  • One day I hope we will played soccer together in the sky.

  • Certainly the two men created arrival, if you like.

  • Between Argentina and Brazil.

  • This is a region that is deeply proud of its footballing legacy.

  • And there were two great.

  • Of course, one we've heard has now died.

  • I guess we're seeing in the reaction to this news, how deeply intertwined football and broader culture and politics are in South America and in particular in Argentina.

  • Absolutely.

  • I mean, we've heard the Argentine president making statement.

  • Even the former president here in Brazil, Lula de Silva, said that he was a footballing giant on his commitment to Latin American sovereignty marked our time.

  • I think that's what's so interesting is that, you know, you got these huge politicians, not just not just sports people who are coming out just praising his legacy.

  • It was something that so many people here feel so deeply about.

  • Andi Maradona really represented, you know, a really amazing period in football for the region.

  • So beyond Argentina, this has resonated, of course, across the region, on the world on I'm guessing you've already mentioned three days of mourning in Argentina.

  • I'm assuming there'll be a Siris of events planned, particularly in Argentina, to mark his life.

  • That's right, so that this evening will be people meeting in the center of Buenos Aires.

  • I was talking to colleagues earlier who said that there, when the news broke were journalists even crying on television that there was a real sense of deep sadness.

  • Andi, therefore, people going out on the streets, Of course, Argentina is a country that has had a really strict locked down.

  • It's also being one of the worst countries in terms of suffering from the from cove in 19.

Well, here is Diego Maradona, speaking to the BBC back in 2000 and six.

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Diego Maradona: Argentina legend dies aged 60 - BBC News

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