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  • When you look, look, we're going to get to the specifics of this game later.

  • But when you just look at these two quarterbacks, you're no doubt seeing the changing of the guard, if you will.

  • Do you think, though, even after what we've seen from Patrick Mahomes, that he has a chance of having the type of longevity and the success that Tom Brady has?

  • Well, that's That's a very long term question because you're talking 20 years with Tom Brady.

  • Do I think that Patrick Mahomes statistically, is he on his way to doing things that Tom did?

  • Absolutely.

  • You, and you definitely need the longevity.

  • It's possible Mahomes is ahead of where Brady was early in his career, early in his career.

  • I mean, I was there.

  • It was Mawr defense, and he was a complementary piece to a early success with the Patriots dynasty.

  • But Mahomes is the key piece, and he's been from Day one, so that type of touchdown production can Onley continue.

  • But I think the tough thing for my homes is going to be.

  • Tom did this through generations of players.

  • You know what I mean?

  • Players came and went and Tom still had a success.

  • So let's imagine my homes without Tyree kill without Travis Kelsey without some of those receivers, all right?

  • And then can he still duplicate that success that still hasn't been seen yet?

  • You know, when I look at it, Patrick Mahomes is the best player I've ever seen.

  • There's no question about it.

  • In my opinion, I think he's going to break some year records that Tom Brady's had.

  • But overall, I don't think anybody ever touches what Tom Brady is done.

  • All the successes.

  • He's had nine trips of the Super Bowl, six victories, all those type of things, his consistency through.

  • You mentioned it, Randy one there his whole career.

  • When you look at how the National Football League has changed the quarterback position, they want more points.

  • Open the board, you know, watch how you tackle my quarterback when you talk.

  • About 20 years of what Tom Brady was able to do, guess what he played on both sets of rules.

  • This the new rules that they have now, and the rules that were set in place when he first came in the National Football League.

  • So 20 years for Patrick Mahomes, it's hard enough for God to stay with organization 10, 15 years alone.

  • 20.

  • So I think that what we are watching and what we are with witnessing is the changing of the guard of petrol homes, arguably being the greatest at that position before him, to be able to reach the accolades, the numbers in the 20 year span.

  • I don't think he'll reach that, but I think it's faras the championships and the numbers.

  • I think he will go.

  • Let me get those and what happens over the course of 20 years, your body changes.

  • And so Patrick Mahomes E.

  • I wouldn't say it's a huge part, Sam, but it's a big part of his game scrambling out, getting away from pressure.

  • Those throws that he opens his hips and throws it 30 yards across the field.

  • I don't know 89 years that's gonna disappear.

  • It's well, it's not gonna be a baseball disappeared, okay, so he won't be able to outrun people like he's doing.

  • Maybe he slows down just a touch.

  • Maybe he has to adjust.

  • I'm sensing adjustments will be made and that's all Tom has been doing for 20 years.

  • Is just making adjustments year after year.

  • Yes, I'm Homes has got to get on that pliability workout.

  • Keeping extended for a long time Matt Hasselbeck knows a little bit about playing in the league for a while.

  • Matt.

  • What do you think Mahomes would have to do toe have that type of sustained success?

  • Well, I hear what everybody is saying, and I sort of agree.

  • But at the same time, he's already off to such a great start.

  • Andy Reid may not coach forever, but when If and when Andy Reid moves on their going to replace him, I would imagine within Andy Reid type person and Eric B.

  • Enemy a Doug Peterson, one of those type guys.

  • So what would he need to dio?

  • Well, he would need to just do what he what he's been doing, and and I would just say, Lastly, um, there's something that certain players have.

  • It's an intangible at the quarterback position when they have the ball in a two minute situation.

  • The other team, the opponent, the defense actually believes that Wow, this guy's going to get it done.

  • Tom Brady has it.

  • Patrick Mahomes has it.

  • Few others have it.

  • So again, if anybody could do it.

  • I would say Patrick Mahomes is the guy, Yeah, to your point, Matt.

  • I don't think it's a hard sell to get guys to go play for Andy Reid, but I think that's what he's got going for him.

  • What Tom Brady had going for him for a long time, that now is a little bit different.

  • The chemistry with a head coach between his relationship with Patrick Mahomes and Andy Reid is obviously a special one, and that's why they signed him to a long term deal.

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When you look, look, we're going to get to the specifics of this game later.

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Can Patrick Mahomes reach Tom Brady's level of success? | NFL Countdown

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