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  • What's going on guys? So today is  Thanksgiving in the United States,  

  • and I thought that the perfect way for you  to learn about this American cultural holiday  

  • would be with a hilarious clip  from Friends. Let's watch.

  • All right, so now we will learn all the most  important vocabulary and pronunciation from  

  • that clip, but quickly if you're new herewant to let you know that every single week  

  • we help you to understand fast speaking  natives and even American culture,  

  • without getting lost, without missing the jokes  and without subtitles. Just like our fan Artur,  

  • who says that our lessons are helping him  to understand American culture better. So  

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  • So you probably get really frustrated  when natives speak like this, right?  

  • It's not anything like they taught you in schoolBut this really is how we speak in real life.  

  • Now I have a resource that goes along with  this lesson that's going to help you a lot  

  • in kind of mastering all the pronunciation here  in today's video. So it's this PDF Power Lesson,  

  • which you can download right now down in the  description below or up here, you can print that  

  • out and it's going to help you a lot to learn  all the vocabulary, all the culture, of the  

  • pronunciation, and to practice along and build  those muscles of articulation, so that you can  

  • speak more like a native and understand a whole  hell of a lot better. Now remember to download  

  • that down in the description below and take your  learning with this lesson to the next level.

  • And if you're enjoying this lessonthen I highly recommend that next you  

  • check out this other lesson that we made  with Friends, also about Thanksgiving,  

  • and we also teach you a bunch of great  alternatives that natives use all the time  

  • instead of "Thank you." So you'll find that by  clicking up here or down in the description below.

What's going on guys? So today is  Thanksgiving in the United States,  

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Joey vs. Thanksgiving Turkey: Who Wins? | Learn English with Friends

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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/11/29
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