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  • It's also a very simple dish,

  • made of,

  • well,

  • fish,

  • noodles,

  • and soup.

  • But Wang is obsessed with getting as close

  • to the authentic taste as possible.

  • And that means picking out the fish himself.

  • Wang throws in green onions,

  • ginger,

  • goji berries,

  • winter melon,

  • and a splash of beer,

  • which removes some of that fishy taste.

  • He then adds a pork bone soup and lets the whole thing simmer.

  • The soup is served hot in a clay pot,

  • with a side of noodles and a sprinkling of edible flowers.

  • Wang grew up in Hengyang,

  • the second-largest city in Hunan Province.

  • It's often considered the epicenter of Hunan cuisine.

  • Although Hunan food is famous within China,

  • outside of it, it's not as popular as,

  • say, Sichuan cuisine.

  • And while Americans are slowly discovering

  • China's diverse range of cuisines,

  • most people still associate Chinese food

  • with dishes like chop suey,

  • sweet and sour pork,

  • and General Tso's chicken,

  • which were adjusted for the American palate.

  • General Tso's chicken, by the way,

  • was created by a Hunan-born chef in New York,

  • but it's barely known inside of Hunan.

  • For Wang, Hunan Slurp represents

  • a new wave of Chinese restaurants

  • that are introducing Americans

  • to the authentic flavors of different parts of China.

  • Now, within a 10-block radius in New York City,

  • you can find jianbing from Beijing,

  • hand-pulled noodles from Lanzhou,

  • and mala dry pot from Sichuan.

  • Hey guys, I've actually eaten at Hunan Slurp before,

  • and it's definitely different from the Chinese food

  • that I had growing up in New York

  • when a lot of it was still just Cantonese.

  • If you liked that video, we a lot more about New York's

  • changing Chinese food scene,

  • including one about a Taiwanese beef noodle shop,

  • and another about Sichuan dry pot.

  • You can check them out at the links below

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It's also a very simple dish,

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How New York’s Hunan Slurp Makes Its $30 Noodle Soup

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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/11/29
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