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  • Hi, I'm Ben, the voice of Wiz.

  • Before we get into the death battle, I'd like to quickly think our sponsors Lenovo and AM D.

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  • Thanks again Villanova and EM de for sponsoring this episode before Mary Jane, everyone's favorite Spider superhero, Peter Parker dated a girl named Gwendolyn Stacey, but then develop Bridgend died.

  • The end, Except that isn't the end of the universe is full of possibilities.

  • What if, in another timeline that never happened?

  • What if Peter never found that radioactive spider that made him Spiderman in the first place?

  • What if the superhero was Gwen?

  • Welcome Toe Earth 65.

  • This Gwen was a team kicking back in New York City.

  • She's a drummer for high school band and the daughter of a police chief, and she's this world's one and only Spider Woman.

  • Though you might know her as Spider Gwen with their cool powers, she got busy fighting crime.

  • But hey, who can blame her for showing off a bit?

  • She does whatever a spider can, though her police father didn't approve, insisting Spider Woman could use her powers for the good of others.

  • However, her close friend, the non superpower Peter of this world, had a different take.

  • He was getting bullied all the time and idolize Spider Gwen's power.

  • So of course, he figured the only way to stop the bullies was to get powers like hers.

  • Except he accidentally turned himself into a giant monster lizard.

  • Okay, whom the young Miss Stacey was forced to do.

  • Peter ultimately succumb to his experiments, dying in her arms.

  • His death turned Spider Woman into a fugitive on the run, but also inspired her to take her father's advice.

  • It was time to step up as a superhero.

  • With her spider horrific power, she can crawl on walls and stick to any surface.

  • Imagine you're sitting on your couch being all of that is, man, you look about your ceiling.

  • And instead of seeing a normal spider, there's a whole last woman up there.

  • Yes, please.

  • Spider Woman also has the classic spider sense, which constants cancer surroundings and alerts her to incoming danger with the spider sense.

  • She'd know to move before you even had a chance to spot her on the ceiling.

  • No, whiz, my reflexes are way too good for them.

  • Watch this.

  • Yeah, you were supposed to done.

  • Oh, wait.

  • No, That's your reflexes.

  • Oh, man, They suck.

  • Alright, then come back next week.

  • for the death battle between Pet girl in Spider.

  • Gwen, I'm gonna go check to see if whiz refilled his wallet.

Hi, I'm Ben, the voice of Wiz.

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Spider-Gwen Swings into DEATH BATTLE!

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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/11/25
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