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  • a lot to unpack again ahead of what is a really important game.

  • And Graziano let me quickly start with you again because I'm sure when this story came down yesterday, positive tests game is three days away.

  • There were fans wondering, Well, is the game going to be played?

  • What is the answer to that question?

  • As of now, the answer is yes, obviously will await further testing.

  • What they do is they identify everybody's close contacts and test them.

  • And if if you start to see something happen like we saw earlier this season with Tennessee, where there was a team wide outbreak, then maybe there's talk of postponing and rescheduling.

  • As of now, the league is planning to proceed with that.

  • Game is scheduled on Thursday, will monitor the testing results throughout the week.

  • Alright, so that z that side of this story.

  • There's a whole other side of the story, and Jeff, let's pick it up there.

  • And that is that the Ravens, who bullied everyone in the league last year, have been on the other side of that this season.

  • They got bullied in their own building by the Tennessee Titans on Sunday and that created a lot of conversation on this show yesterday about just what the Ravens are as you watch them.

  • Jeff Saturday.

  • What are they?

  • Yeah, a mediocre football team.

  • I mean, when you when you talk about the expectations of what this team waas and is, you know, I just heard Edwards.

  • It was almost comical hearing him.

  • Hey, we're right there on the edge.

  • Well, what makes you believe that?

  • I mean, other than that you're on the team.

  • I understand you got to say it, but at the end of the day, this team is not physical on either side of the ball.

  • And that's the scary part, right?

  • Is the offense.

  • We know they've had some.

  • Some offensive linemen go down.

  • Stanley and Janda retired.

  • And so it's been more difficult for them to be physical on offense.

  • But they can't sustain drives, but that's now leaked over to the defense, and I get Campbell and Williams have been out, but at some point, where is the nastiness of this football team?

  • Right?

  • Where is the team that just comes, hit you in the mouth and doesn't care in shortens games and does all those things?

  • There's nothing there about that right now.

  • So when you talk about hey, we're right on the cusp of turning this thing around, there's no, there's no arrows pointing to that direction for me.

  • And that's the problem when you talk about Thursday night against that Steeler defense, those boys don't get after you, so you better be able to run the ball.

  • It may be a heavy dose of Lamar Jackson running it or giving some are pos.

  • But something's got to change about how physical and nasty this Ravens football team plays.

  • Yeah, they don't have that from last year, and they don't have a quarterback who is having an historically great season.

  • So, Greg, I turned to you as we watch it.

  • What is the right thing to say about where Lamar Jackson is right now?

  • Well, you had to go quite literally two plays into the game on Sunday to see Lamar Jackson's not seeing the field very well right now.

  • It's, you know, a situation where he's not very accurate.

  • He's not making great decisions.

  • If you look at some of the throws, the decisions he's making in the passing game, you're sitting there and you're seeing guys open on the field, and yet he's trying toe force balls in the windows down the field, that air really low percentage place.

  • I'm not saying Don't be aggressive but understand to situational Lee that you guys are struggling offensively, so the second you get off schedule, you're in trouble.

  • He tries.

  • Look at second seven second play of the game.

  • He tries to force one in the Willie Snead almost gets picked off by a dropping corner.

  • He's got Hollywood Brown sitting there at the sticks for an automatic first intent.

  • You see that show up time and time again, and then it's not exclusive to the passing game.

  • He's making bad decisions in the run game, and then on top of it all, his receivers aren't helping them out right now, guys, they are tied for 29th, tied for 29th in the NFL in regards to drop percentage.

  • The only teams worse than them are the Cleveland Browns and the Green Bay Packers.

  • So they are not a team that's catching the football with any consistency, and if they've got a quarterback, does not see in the field well, when he does deliver in the right place.

  • You better bring it in for him.

  • Listen, I'm old enough to remember when our analytics said they were favored in every game this season and we were wondering if they might go 16.

  • And oh, now, all of a sudden, we're wondering if they might be on the outside of the playoff picture looking in.

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a lot to unpack again ahead of what is a really important game.

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Jeff Saturday questions the Ravens' grit: 'Where is the nastiness?' | Get Up

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