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  • the bodyguards never leave Berivan, Alphonse side.

  • For weeks, she was mostly too scared to leave her home.

  • Now she enjoys her first visit to a traditional Viennese coffeehouse.

  • She gets protection because an assassination attempt on the green politician is said to have been planned by Turkey.

  • In Turkey, they've intimidated and silenced all critics by suspending them or locking them up.

  • And so on.

  • Now only the European based critics remain a thorn in their side.

  • Turkey's intelligence service, Mitt, is said to have ordered attacks on foreign based critics, at least, according Toa.

  • One suspected M.

  • I T employee who was interrogated by Austrian police.

  • He reported meeting a middle man code named you.

  • I think this is designed to spread chaos.

  • You told me it doesn't matter if she dies or is injured.

  • All that matters is that the lawmakers get the message.

  • Bear Vian Aslan has been a member of Vienna city government since mid October.

  • Given her Kurdish Turkish roots, she has also been committed to human rights in Turkey for many years.

  • As a result, she has already suffered threats and insults in the past.

  • Security experts are shocked by the alleged assassination order.

  • They say Austria's government must finally act against Turkey's intelligence agency.

  • If, uh if in attempt is being made to infiltrate these communities so chaos and destabilize the political system, then a red line has definitely been crossed.

  • And therefore policymakers here must clearly state so far and no further er way wanted to discuss the allegations with the Turkish Embassy in Vienna, but our request was turned down.

  • Instead, the embassy sent a written statement calling them untrue.

  • Austria's government says there is evidence Turkey's intelligence service is deliberately creating tensions, for example, between Turkish nationalists and Kurds living abroad.

  • In June, 2020 right wing Turkish teenagers attacked a Kurdish cultural center in Vienna.

  • Mom Omar Zanni and dozens of others were inside the building when the attacker set fire to the entrance that evening.

  • There was a blaze right there.

  • All these cables burned.

  • Club members and other guests on the upper floor noticed the fire and put it out in time.

  • Otherwise, things could have been even worse if the staircase our emergency exit, had caught fire.

  • Things could have become really bad.

  • Don't hit the ignition economy.

  • Austria is no isolated case for years German political scientist Barocco Poor has warned that Ankara has been trying to infiltrate Turkish communities in Europe.

  • Now he is concerned for his own safety.

  • Several weeks ago, his parents, who live in Turkey, received an anonymous phone call that scared him while the the caller seemed to have information about me, my father and family that was not available in the public domain.

  • That's why I took this phone call very seriously and saw it as a clear threat.

  • Back at Vienna City Hall, where Barry von Aslan is also accompanied by bodyguards, she says she won't let herself be intimidated, even though the death threats have left their mark on her.

  • It's only human toe.

  • Ask yourself again and again.

  • Why are you doing this to yourself through?

  • But then, I think OK, all delicate matters in human history involved political risks.

  • I'm probably paying a higher price than other politicians, but I am paying it for human dignity.

  • Barry Van Aslan is fighting for free speech, but for this she needs constant protection in the heart of Europe.

the bodyguards never leave Berivan, Alphonse side.

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In the crosshairs of Turkey's secret service | Focus on Europe

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