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  • all right, We're not done feasting here on the jump.

  • It's time for some leftover.

  • Yeah, this is the top five flops of this past number five LeBron trying to sell the contact after Dylan.

  • What Stagger the staggers.

  • Who gets it right?

  • Like get touched.

  • That flop is fine.

  • But then the next part here, where he staggers, I think this is the part that it's like, Yo, you know, 20 seconds.

  • Taking a big fella Number four Marcus Smart flopping multiple times because it just single Marcus Smart flop, flop, flop and then e t.

  • Ever like when you flop to a point where you could land on your wrist or back in a bad way like Come on, I want someone to Photoshop that into a soccer game and having bicycle kick.

  • Well, I will say, though Marcus Smart Just the way James Harden uses phone calls, it's an effective part of this game.

  • Marcus Smart is one of the best defender.

  • This Patrick Beverley one to me.

  • I don't know how this is not number one.

  • Producer Bob Murray and I are gonna have to have a chat because this is incredible.

  • It reminds me of the episode of Seinfeld, where Cramer thinks he got spat on by Keep Hernandez Hernandez.

  • Right?

  • Kyle Lowry Here I'll help your job.

  • The acting job.

  • The acting chops might need a little bit of work, guys.

  • What do you think?

  • Look, it goes on and then basketball players look, they're not as good.

  • He flopped with both arms.

  • He went left on my hand That really trying to sell the contact.

  • Now I would argue the other one is better, but he really went for it here with James Harden, which some would argue is a little spider man.

  • Mean kind of the fate.

  • Yeah, exactly.

  • I'm drawing a fail.

  • You're drawn a foul.

  • There was a game I e don't know.

  • Manu Ginobili and Raja Bell both flopped at the same time, hit each other, and both, and they both exploded.

  • And I think it laid waste to like, a three mile radio just to flop Testing.

  • How floppy.

  • How much flopping did you dio?

  • I did a ton of flopping.

  • Really?

  • Because back in the day you remember this is that there?

  • There wasn't like verticality.

  • So if you just jumped into the big there was a foul.

  • So, like the rim could be right here.

  • And I would just dribble towards the big jump into them and trying to get anyone.

  • But the flopping is very different.

  • But yes, flopping is a part of everything that we do right now.

  • There you go.

  • And we are again.

  • Turkey, ham, stuffing, pop the whole everything.

  • Congratulate.

  • Sorry.

  • If you guys have been blinded by me and our whole crew for putting together in August, I try to do what I could do what I could do.

  • Wish you all a happy Thanksgiving.

  • The MBA's coming back to seven days.

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all right, We're not done feasting here on the jump.

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