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  • When you think of the word sidekick who immediately comes to mind you, it's you know Robin, the boy Wonder, Batman's iconic crime fighting partner.

  • Yeah, it's a close second.

  • Too bad The Caped Crusader's sidecar has been a revolving door of orphans in Agra, Bets not including alternate universes.

  • And what if stories?

  • Batman has taken five different Robbins under his bat wing.

  • Some moved on to pursue a superhero career of their own.

  • Others didn't turn out so lucky.

  • Entered Jason Tut.

  • This poor kid was given the short end of the stick, and then the fans beat him to death with it.

  • Jason grew up on the streets of Gotham, getting by through a life of petty crime until eventually running into the Batman himself by trying to steal the rims off the Batmobile.

  • This kid's got some serious balls.

  • I mean, you can't exactly look at the damn Batmobile and mistaking for someone else's car.

  • Bruce had recently split up with the first Robin, Dick Grayson, and was on the lookout for a new sidekick impressed by Jason scrappiness and latent ability.

  • He had the 12 year old suit up.

  • Yes, he really was.

  • 12th Yanks, well, creepy child abducting habits aside, Pants hoped he could live up to the last robin.

  • Too bad this was a literal dick measuring contest that Jason had no chance in, despite some moderate success.

  • Jason wasn't exactly an extraordinary robin, and the fans saw, too, in an unprecedented move, D.

  • C asked their readers to vote on whether or not Jason Todd would live or die.

  • Yep, they voted to kill the shit out of that kid.

  • Joker style.

  • Not an unrelated note.

  • If you want to see whiz die a horrible, gruesome death that will lead you some serious mental health issues.

  • Call 55523374555 Beer.

  • Jason Todd was dead until Superboy Prime punched a hole in the fabric of reality and accidentally brought him back.

  • True story.

  • Don't ask.

  • And after a dip in a magic hot tub, the Lazarus Pit Jason was back in top form.

  • Take that, readers.

  • Your contribution means nothing.

  • Resolve renewed.

  • Jason dawned a new identity inspired by his own killer, the Red Hood.

  • Why do they call it Red Hood when it's clearly a helmet, your name is boom stick, and your name is Wizard E.

  • Think you're missing the point?

  • Whatever.

We just wanted to say thanks to Samsung and A T and T for sponsoring this preview.

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Red Hood Seeks Vengeance in DEATH BATTLE!

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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/11/25
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