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  • Hello, I'm John Russell.

  • Today.

  • Let's continue our talk about continent sounds in American English.

  • When we talk about continents, we are talking about some kind of obstruction in the air flow in American English.

  • There are about six different places inside the mouth where this obstruction takes place.

  • Some pronunciation experts call these places theme places of articulation.

  • Don't worry too much about the term.

  • The basic idea is this.

  • The obstruction can take place at the teeth just behind the teeth, a little further behind the teeth in an area called the hard palate at the back of the mouth, the soft palate at the back of the throat and further down in your throat.

  • In addition to the six places inside the mouth, you also need to consider a place outside your mouth, your lips.

  • The continent sounds of American English involved blocking air at the places I just described.

  • Sounds such as MM as in that as in think as in tomorrow.

  • But as in Parade.

  • But as in that are just a few examples.

  • The art of pronouncing continents in American English, at least in part, is in developing the ability to block air at specific places.

  • Some of the places may be familiar to you from your native language, but others may not exist in your native language.

  • In future episodes, we will explore these ideas in greater detail.

  • Keep up the good work.

Hello, I'm John Russell.

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How to Pronounce: Place of Articulation

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