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  • Here's how to use Apple airpods.

  • If you're using an iPhone, your airpods should connect automatically.

  • Just bring the case near your phone.

  • Open it up and you'll see a prompt pop up.

  • If you didn't get that message, press and hold the button on the back of the case.

  • You should see a message come up on your phone tap connect.

  • Once it's connected, you'll see options about learning more about functions of Europe pods.

  • Finally, you'll see the battery levels of your airpods.

  • In its case, you compress done.

  • If you're on an android device, you can connect your airpods using Bluetooth on your phone.

  • Open your Bluetooth settings back on the Airpods case.

  • Press and hold the back button until the light begins to flash on your phone.

  • Select your air powers from the list of devices, and that should connect Once you're connected.

  • IPhone users have the option to customize controls on the AIRPODS.

  • Go into your Bluetooth settings and tap the info icon.

  • In this menu, you can change the air pod name and turn on automatic ear detection.

  • This setting allows you to pause audio by simply taking off the air pod If you take both airpods out of your ears.

  • The AIRPODS will turn off.

  • If you have a first or second generation airpods, you'll have the option to change the double tap functionality.

  • Tap left or right and press on the action.

  • You like that air power to control each air pod can perform a different action.

  • Airpods Pro have different customization in the menu.

  • Your first option is to change the noise control settings.

  • You have the option to cancel noise, which eliminates outside sound and transparency mode, which lets outside noise in.

  • There's also an option to turn off all noise controls and use them as normal earbuds.

  • You can also control these settings using the stems of the airpods.

  • Just press and hold the force sensors.

  • You can use the press and hold option to bring up Siri instead.

  • To do this, tap into the left or right options and choose your preferred action.

  • The'RE tip fit test helps you figure out which tip works best for you just happened.

  • Follow the on screen instructions.

  • Yeah, Airpods pro also let you turn on special audio.

  • This changes to functionality from stereo sound, too surround sound.

  • You can charge your airpods.

  • Two different ways.

  • Option one.

  • Put your airpods in the case and connect your case to a lightning cable.

  • Your airpods and your case will charge simultaneously.

  • You cannot charge your airpods without the case, but you can charge the case without the airpods.

  • When you're not plugged in, the case recharges your airpods while you're on the move.

  • You can also charge your airpods wirelessly.

  • Simply place the air pod case onto a Q I charger thistles bought separately.

  • Wireless charging comes standard for airpods pro but not the regular airpods.

  • Now your airpods are customized and ready to use.

Here's how to use Apple airpods.

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How To Use AirPods

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