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  • You know what?

  • I agree with Max and Max did something, uh, during his explanation of during his answer that I appreciate it.

  • Instead of calling calling John Harbaugh John Harbaugh.

  • He called him Jim.

  • And that's important for this reason because he mentioned Greg, Roman and General, Let's think back to two.

  • Yeah, but that's good, though.

  • I needed that.

  • Listen, I got you.

  • I'm gonna pick it up right where you left off.

  • Let's think back to 2000.

  • So 2011 to 2014 when Greg Roman was with Jim Harbaugh and it had an opportunity to get Colin Kaepernick Colin Kaepernick.

  • Do you remember what happened?

  • It was this amazing talent and they ran offense in the way we never really seen in this league.

  • And the league couldn't catch up to 100 and 60 yards against the Green Bay Packers in the playoffs.

  • You you get to the Super Bowl.

  • You're actually four downs away from winning it in the red zone against the Baltimore Ravens in the next year.

  • You're really good again and you go to the NFC championship and then people adjusted.

  • So what's the second act?

  • What are you gonna learn to do not only from the quarterback position, but from a schematics position from a strategy position.

  • What are you going to change about the way that you approach football?

  • What are you going to change about the way that you allying skill players with Lamar Jackson?

  • Are you gonna go out and actually get him a number one and say, Okay, if you struggle throwing outside of the numbers, let me get you somebody that can help you do that.

  • Let me get you someone that can win 50 50 balls where you don't have to be incredibly accurate where you don't have to be right on the money where you can't have, Ah, large catch radius.

  • And so now it's time for the team to help Lamar Jackson.

  • When I watch this team yesterday, they have the fastest quarterback in football.

  • But the offense look slow.

  • The motions are slow, the routes develop slow, the miss directions don't misdirect anymore.

  • And so now it is time for sure.

  • Lamar Jackson has to be better, but the things that Lamar Jackson is struggling with our things we already knew.

  • So if we know why does a great Roman and Coach Harr, Bar Noah.

  • And the last thing I'm gonna say and give it back to you guys, I don't mind John Harbaugh being mad if you come stand in the middle of my field.

  • If you have a team meeting in the middle of the field, I should be able to get to walk out and tell you what I think.

  • And then after the game, we ain't gotta be friends.

  • That's not a rule.

  • You don't get fined for, not shaking hands.

  • The only thing I'm mad about John Harbaugh walking out to the middle of the field was that he had to walk out by himself, that the Tennessee Titans were ready to go to war before the game and nobody came with their coach.

  • But what I hear Lamar Jackson say they wanted more.

  • That to me says a lot because it seemed like they wanted it Mawr from the beginning of the game and it didn't matter what kind of smoke it waas Ryan Clark before I retort just for clarification.

  • Was Rabel at midfield with the team, or was that just his players?

  • Rabel.

  • It was just the players.

  • Rabel ended up coming out.

  • Though they talked before the game, they had interacted.

  • What I'm saying game and I basically I'm making.

  • Basically, I'm making the assumption.

  • And the key word is assumption that the players decided to do that on their own.

  • And then, obviously, John Harbaugh came out there.

  • So Grable came out there.

  • I'm assuming he didn't know that and he didn't participate in.

  • It is just that once John Harbaugh came out the midfield, Rabel came out there as well.

  • But that's neither here nor there.

  • What I would say to you is this.

  • I'm right about this guy's because the question is, is it time to worry about Lamar?

  • I said, Yes.

  • Y'all just gave me reasons why I talked about Lamar.

  • But I also talked about John Harbaugh.

  • I never brought up Greg Roman, but the fact is, he's a part of it, too.

  • If the head coach and the offensive coordinator aren't doing things dramatically, aren't doing things motivational e to really inspire your quarterback and that offense around him that that would be a strong cause for concern and that was the question.

  • I answered it.

  • There is a transitional period, an adjustment period.

  • I think that there were that we're witnessing, or that I question is, are they like, How are they going to respond?

  • You're not just gonna go 25 4, whatever.

  • It was against the league forever, you know, like no one's ever going to do that.

  • Mahomes won't do that.

  • So eventually they're going to make adjustments.

  • And then the question is, Can you adjust back?

  • That's what we're up to.

  • The league has made the adjustments.

  • Now we're waiting on Baltimore.

  • It is too early to say no, they can't do it.

  • We're worried.

  • That's what we're up to now let's see if they can.

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