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  • Hello and welcome to The English

  • We Speak. I m Feifei.

  • And I'm Roy!

  • Wow, Roy! You've grown your

  • beard back! I thought you'd shaved

  • it off. I saw this picture of you on

  • social media without a beard. Here, look!

  • That's not me. That's a picture of

  • my son. He does look like me, but

  • he's a lot younger than me.

  • Every picture on here is of your

  • son! You're really guilty of 'sharenting'.

  • I am not sharenting! I know what

  • that means. It's for people who share

  • way too many photos of their children!

  • I do not share too much! Besides,

  • he's really cute!

  • He is cute, because he looks

  • like his mother! But you need to

  • be careful how much your share.

  • Let's talk more about sharenting

  • after these examples.

  • There are many pros and cons of

  • sharenting. We need to think

  • about them before we post all

  • these photos of our children.

  • He needs to stop sharenting -

  • I see so many photos of his daughter.

  • Eric, I'm tired of your constant

  • sharenting. Aren't you worried

  • that your son won't be happy

  • about this in the future?

  • This is The English We Speak

  • from BBC Learning English and

  • we re talking about the expression

  • 'sharenting'. Sometimes parents

  • who commit sharenting are known

  • as 'sharents'. Roy, you are a sharent!

  • Haha I am not! I'm just really proud

  • of my son. I do agree that you need

  • to be careful when sharing things

  • about your children.

  • Yes, there has to be a barrier

  • between public and private life.

  • That's why I only share videos

  • and photos of him doing things

  • like playing football. Have you seen

  • how good he is? He's like

  • the new Pele!

  • I have - he's really good.

  • And I don't think that's sharenting,

  • and I suppose even though you

  • post a lot, there's nothing

  • too personal. So, I'll stop

  • calling you a sharent.

  • I think 'sharenting' is related

  • to too much information. But

  • we also need to think about

  • what we post, because in the

  • future, my son may be very

  • angry if I embarrass him with

  • a silly picture of him dressed

  • up like a giant parrot.

  • But there is a photo of your

  • son dressed as a giant parrot!

  • He looks ridiculous! You

  • should remove that photo.

  • That's not my son it's me.

  • I like dressing in

  • animal costumes.

  • He really does look like

  • you, Roy. Bye!

  • Bye!

Hello and welcome to The English

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Sharenting - The English We Speak

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