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  • What the actual Heck, everyone talks about their offense, but the reality is their defense got bullied yesterday.

  • That's not what you know the Ravens to be.

  • It's not what Bart Scott sits there talking about.

  • How do you explain it?

  • Yes, I mean, I don't know.

  • I mean, they got bullied and bullies don't like to be bullied.

  • That's what happened yesterday.

  • And look, I respect the heck out of the other side more than focusing on the Ravens, because to me, the Titans, Mike Vrabel sat back.

  • He's got a plan because you know what?

  • We're going to keep running the ball.

  • We don't care what happens.

  • And in the fourth quarter, what happens?

  • He tires teams out, and then he then he runs right through you.

  • That's what happened, you know, more, more so than the Ravens playing so poorly on defense.

  • It was the fact that that the Titans just stuck with their plan.

  • And when the thing now this is this right here, set the tone for the game, they're like, Hey, we're coming out here.

  • We don't believe your height.

  • We've already punked you in the playoffs on this particular field.

  • We think we own your field.

  • Now the fact that harbors is out there by himself defending it sent a bad message to me.

  • I'm like, Come on, where you at?

  • There should have been a shouldn't be a brawl.

  • We don't encourage it.

  • There should have been a brawl.

  • That's exactly the point where you don't want to see there would be pregame violence.

  • But, frankly, that might have called for it, least some sort of response.

  • And Dan, you used a good phrase earlier today when you said the Titans are unapologetically who they are, the Ravens on their offense, they look like they are somewhat apologetic about who they want to be, and they can't really make up their minds.

  • Greedy.

  • The Ravens don't have an identity, whether it's scheme or player.

  • There's no one on the Ravens offense right now that a defensive coordinator sits there and goes, I'm scared of him.

  • And that includes Lamar Jackson.

  • And there's nothing about their scheme right now that will keep defensive coordinators up last year.

  • This is the most fun explosive, um, energetic, just confusing offense in the NFL.

  • They got no identity right now.

  • They don't know who they are, or who they can turn Thio.

  • And that's been the case all season.

  • And they got question marks and greeny.

  • I said this this morning as well.

  • Lamar Jackson last year got the operate in A In a environment of utopia.

  • Offensive line was dominant.

  • Receivers had tons of one on ones, people running all over the field because everyone was confused, not the case.

  • You got some injuries, and this is when Now you have to prove to everybody that you are the dude that you are that franchise quarterback that can elevate everybody else when things aren't perfect, because that's the reality of their offense.

  • Right now, it's not perfect, and it's not happening for Lamar in that offense.

  • So the Ravens will play at Pittsburgh on Thursday night Thanksgiving night, but they have some very winnable games coming up after that.

  • They still have the Cowboys, the Jaguars, the Giants and the Bengals on their schedule.

  • Does this look like a team that could make a playoff run if I told you one of those teams who watched yesterday was gonna make a deep run in the playoffs?

  • Rex, which is it?

  • Tightens or Ravens?

  • Gosh, uh what?

  • And maybe it's just because I bleed purple and black, but I'm gonna say the Ravens that schedules part of it.

  • And the thing is, get back toe being who you are and you take it, you slug it out.

  • Look, I like the Titans to, but at the same time I got Dan, you're not by your belief.

  • Here's the thing.

  • The Titans would rather lose being themselves than when being being phone ease.

  • And that's the difference between the Titans and the Ravens right now.

  • They would rather just lose being themselves and force you to beat them than be a phony and win because they're true to their identity, where the Ravens have no one.

  • Yeah.

  • At this point, this is a very confusing season.

  • The Ravens are having thank you for watching ESPN on YouTube for live streaming sports and premium content.

What the actual Heck, everyone talks about their offense, but the reality is their defense got bullied yesterday.

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The Ravens got bullied by the Titans - Rex Ryan | Get Up

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