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  • is a look a great Saturday in college football.

  • Big connections.

  • E think we need to start with what you need to know.

  • Justin Fields of number three, Ohio State hosting number nine Indiana and they were all tied up in the second quarter.

  • Ohio State at the Indiana 41 in Fields hands the Master Teague, who masterfully does his thanks.

  • 41 All right, down run, 169 yards and two scores for him.

  • Ohio State.

  • Up 14 to 7 last 25 seconds of the first half.

  • First and goal from the nine and Fields using his legs.

  • This time escaped.

  • The pressure in for the touchdown leaps into the end zone.

  • Ohio State needs 28 7 at the half, but back come the Hoosiers at their own 44.

  • They're down 42 28.

  • Michael Kennedy Jr throws it up to who else?

  • Time Fry?

  • Fogle, who makes this Cats and takes it in for the touchdown finishes with seven catches for 218 yards, three TDs.

  • Now it's a 42 35 ballgames.

  • Then Ohio State, 34 from the nine looking to put it away, trying to draw, but Fields to stop short.

  • Ryan Day says.

  • You know what?

  • I'm going to go for it.

  • I'm not going to kick the field goal, not going.

  • Both of the points on the fourth and one, they don't get any overthrows the wide open, tight end.

  • So it's Indiana's ball now.

  • Four minutes left, 30 10 from their own 18 and appendix drops back and can't take a sack here, can you?

  • You can't take a second.

  • That's like the last thing you want to do.

  • But he does know.

  • And one last chance after a punt.

  • 4th and 10 5 seconds left.

  • India trying to hook and ladder.

  • Eventually, though, they fumble it away as Fields finishes with 3 78 total yards, three TDs, three picks.

  • Ohio State gives off a ton of yards.

  • They escaped a loss.

  • They win 42 to 35.

  • But what an effort by the Hoosiers first loss of the season for Indiana, Northwestern and Wisconsin coach Pat Fitzgerald on Tuesday was a guest on the CFB Top 25 show.

  • His of Joey Galloway had to say about Northwestern on that television program.

  • They got a bunch of Reece Davis is out there running around.

  • It's not the prettiest thing in the world and it's not.

  • Yeah, very athletic, Reese.

  • That's why I said that.

  • All right, so the fighting rece Davis is late.

  • Second quarter tied at seven.

  • Peyton Ramsey to Ramada.

  • Kill Bowman in the corner of the end zone.

  • 25 yard touchdown over the shoulder.

  • Catch.

  • Get both feet in bounds.

  • He falls out of bounds.

  • Rece Davis lead 14 7.

  • You know, Graham Mertz, um, had his issues handed with the reef.

  • Davis's defense gonna call him that.

  • The whole I like for this part of it.

  • Yeah, they were the Michael Wilbon, but okay, that's true.

  • Uh, zero career turnovers entering Saturday.

  • Finished the day with three interceptions and a fumble.

  • Didn't have his best day.

  • Not at all.

  • Hey, listen, Thio Coach Fitzgerald talk about this team's effort after the game after they got the win without Molly McGrath e don't know what college football is all about.

  • How about these fighting rece Davis is right here, huh?

  • Joey Galloway.

  • How about the Fighting Rece?

  • Davis is as long as Joey Galloway keeps talking Bull.

  • I appreciate it.

  • I think the guys hurt him pretty loud and clear.

  • I'm sure Joey will love that.

  • Rece Davis left to responded with a tweet.

  • Winning?

  • Yeah, yeah.

  • Bruce Davis, Northwestern honorary captain.

  • Northwestern gets the big win.

  • The big win 17 to set after Saturday's action, Alabama has a 94% chance to make the college football playoff in Ohio State is now at 71%.

  • And then things get a little murky.

  • Notre Dame looking strong at 59% but another matchup with Clemson possibly working on how about Cincinnati as the fourth?

  • Most likely, they're just ahead of Clemson right now.

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is a look a great Saturday in college football.

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