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  • in the n B A.

  • Donovan Mitchell and the Jazz agreed to a five year max extension worth two up, 195 million.

  • Wrap your brain around that one.

  • He's coming off a postseason where he averaged over 36 per Jayson Tatum.

  • Also five year max with Boston, also worth up to 195 million.

  • First time All Star in 2020.

  • And the Lakers agreed to a deal with Marc Gasol, the defending champs really reworking that front court.

  • They also traded JaVale McGee to the calves to clear up some space for the Gasol.

  • Assigning nice and busy times right here in the middle of football season for MBA insider Brian Wynne horse.

  • So, uh, can we start with Yannis?

  • Are two time reigning N B A M v P because he enters the final season of his contract, as we all know.

  • But he could sign the Supermax five years, 228 million to remain with the Bucks.

  • What sort of ripple effect could that have windy on the rest of the league going forward?

  • Well, Hannah, it's really everything.

  • To be honest with you, we just had the craziest week of MBA transactions in league history, but none nothing is more important than waiting on this Yanis extension.

  • If he extends, the Bucks are the gigantic winners of this offseason.

  • If he does not extend, we're going to see a mad rush and dash to prepare for his possible free agency next summer.

  • And if you look at moves the teams have made across the league, whether it's the Miami Heat signing, four players toe one year contracts.

  • Whether it's the Toronto Raptors tailoring the contracts of their players so that they have more room next year or the Dallas Mavericks making trades to clear off guaranteed money, those teams believe there's a chance that Yannis may not sign it.

  • And so the whole league, one way or another, is sitting on the edge of their seats waiting for that decision.

  • Okay, so let's really play this thing forward.

  • Now.

  • Let's talk about Anthony Davis because the whole world expects him to return to the Lakers.

  • So how potentially could what Yannis is doing or ends up doing impact?

  • The type of contract that a D ends up getting?

  • Yeah, it's unusual for a D to delay his resigning for this long and one of the things he could be watching is what Yannis does.

  • If Yannis elects to sign the extension, that we could see a D potentially signed for longer.

  • But if Yana sets himself up to be a free agent next year, I know it seems hard for the believe that the Lakers could do it.

  • But that might spur Anthony Davis was only sign a one year contract with a player option, which is the kind of deal that LeBron James is on toe leave flexibility in Lakers payroll.

  • So there's a lot of people watching as Dana Cooper right now, Um, I know that as you were busy getting all this information, you probably had one eye on the football screen as we all did yesterday and stood up when we heard Derek cars audible and the Chiefs Raiders game last night.

  • Well, I thought I had a lot of different reactions.

  • There were some, uh, sort of negative, some positive.

  • I was hoping for, like a one step drop.

  • You know that James Harden step back.

  • But, you know, it's kind of actually Lane because they actually just ran the ball left.

  • I think it was just James Harden's left handed.

  • So when you hear James Harden run left with where the middle linebacker is, But what do I know?

  • I'm not a quarterback.

  • Fans in the stands.

  • Maybe the only good thing about not having them there is You can hear the quarterbacks make their calls other way.

  • I think it's pretty flattering.

  • James Harden.

  • There you go.

  • Windy, as always, We appreciate it.

  • Thanks.

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in the n B A.

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How Giannis signing a supermax extension with the Bucks could impact Anthony Davis' contract | SC

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