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  • I like the off season move of picking up Ibaka, especially on the deal.

  • They did, but he's not gonna fix what you just said, Stephen A.

  • I would be with you on the Clippers if I thought Paul George was a rise to the occasion kind of guy.

  • Now co I choked in Game seven, right?

  • Like he had a bad game, especially in the second half.

  • But it was like him on the what.

  • What I'm saying is, when you point to Paul George and talk about becoming a superstar instead of just in All Star, you are the one who made a big deal about him hitting the side of the backboard, right?

  • The acquisition of Serge Ibaka doesn't fix that Paul George, who is really one of your centerpiece like you have to centerpiece right Cornerstone Guys CO I and Paul George.

  • When I look at the Mavericks and I look at their cornerstone guys, Luca dodges a killer and Kristaps Porzingis give me Porzingis in the playoffs.

  • If he's healthy all day over Paul George in the playoffs.

  • Especially, and then I mentioned the supporting cast guys like the Dorian Finney Smith right, like good long they could defend, they could shoot.

  • And they had Josh Richardson, a real three and D kind of wing.

  • And they had a good offseason.

  • Especially considering it looked like they had limited resource is if they stay healthy to me, the Mavericks have a top to that stack up with just about anyone.

  • Even if you wanted to say, Who's the best top two other than LeBron and a D this upcoming season, I anticipate that's gonna be Luca and Poor Zynga's, and they have a deep and effective supporting cast and the rial coach.

  • I really think it only matter health is really the only question for me if they stay healthy.

  • To me, that's the team.

  • Well, that's a big if because of poor Zynga's, and we know how fragile he is talented but fragile.

  • And when the game slows down in the postseason, they tend to get more physical with you.

  • Obviously, he could put up buckets.

  • He's 73 and he could shoot the rock We get what Porzingis brings to the table went healthy.

  • The reality is, though, because the game slows down and you're allowed a bit more physicality that usually hinders him in some capacity.

  • That's number one.

  • Number two again.

  • You don't expect that you can't fix Paul George, but that was an aberration.

  • I don't expect them to hit the side of the backboard again.

  • Okay, I still expect them.

  • The average over 20.

  • I think it's shooting percentage would be better.

  • But Serge Ibaka isn't upgrade from Harold, who I love love, Harold.

  • But he's not Serge Ibaka on the defensive side of the ball as a rim protector.

  • And he's certainly not Serge Ibaka in terms of the ability to hit those shots.

  • And you got to remember because Serge Ibaka can hit those shots.

  • He's a guy that's going to get some of those opportunities that Montreal's Harold never presented.

  • Third.

  • And more important, let's understand this about the game of basketball.

  • If you are not a threat from the perimeter, it allows me is a defense to key, even mawr on the perimeter threat because I don't have to spread my defense, but so much and I'm not compromised because I you know I don't have to worry about Harold on the perimeter, But I gotta worry about Ibaka because not only can Ibaka hit a 15 to 17 ft shot.

  • He can hit threes and if he can hit threes and he's on the court with, Ah, Koel ended with Paul George with a little Williams.

  • I'm sorry.

  • I think that when you look at the Clippers against everybody outside of the Lakers, I definitely believe that the Clippers could easily be the number one threat to the Lakers, especially when you consider the fact that this is this could be CO y and Paul.

  • George is last year in L.

  • A with the Clippers.

  • They got a player option after this upcoming season.

  • Look, I hear you're Ibaka point.

  • Him and Morris especially give you power forwards who can shoot the ball and defend.

  • But as I just mentioned, the Mavericks also have power forwards with size who can shoot the ball and defend.

  • And the Mavericks have size, obviously, with poor Zynga's.

  • And the Mavericks have a superstar who leads in the way that you want co wider lead.

  • You lament that doesn't lead the way Luca leads.

  • And by the way, as opposed to the Clippers, who we know who they have, Kawai is who he is.

  • He's great, Paul, George is who he is, and he's excellent.

  • They have ascending talent on the Mavericks, and they got better in the office.

  • Offensive talent.

  • We just offensive talent.

  • Not offensively.

  • We just defensive talent.

  • Not offensively way.

  • Just who, Who?

  • Who doesn't have offensive talent?

  • Dallas, I said.

  • They haven't ascended offensively.

  • They've ascended defensively.

  • They lost Seth Curry.

  • That's a big loss.

  • Richardson.

  • They lost Seth Curry.

  • That's a big loss.

  • I hear you.

  • I hear you because because of Richardson.

  • But Richardson does give them defense and enough three to call him a three and D player like he is legit on this team.

  • Stephen A.

  • You have ascending superstars, and the main thing for me is this.

  • They were my sleeper team last year, right in so far as you have a sleeper team in the MBA, I saw a Siri's that the Clippers were lucky toe win.

  • They won because the Mavericks weren't healthy.

  • Had the Mavericks been healthy, they have beaten the Clippers.

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I like the off season move of picking up Ibaka, especially on the deal.

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