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  • Yeah.

  • Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to my arena where there's no rules, no research way bloodshed.

  • I am re master.

  • You're announced or most extraordinary for this extravagance.

  • And let me welcome you to In today's match, we have two teams with why too many responsibilities tasked with saving more than their plummeting G b A.

  • In this corner, we have the flush warping transformer watch wearing warrior Ban 10 on in the other corner.

  • We have the half to see Hunting Hero Danny way.

  • Now, what makes these teams scarier than the average hormone driven, smelly teenager?

  • Well, first off, Ben 10 might look like your average team, but instead of going to school, he's getting into intergalactic brawls, which it seems really dangerous for someone who still hasn't finished basic geometry.

  • His main weapon of choice.

  • Watch literally.

  • This'll do.

  • Dad lets him write a genetic roller coaster off alien DNA.

  • And what does he do with these transforming powers?

  • Well, mainly beat the shit out of other aliens.

  • They're up to no good buyer alien up to no good.

  • Beat him up.

  • Giant kind.

  • You alien up to no good.

  • Beat him up.

  • You get the picture on the other side, Danny's parents accidentally turned him into a ghost.

  • Usually that's referred to with manslaughter, but it's all okay because he can easily change back and forth between a regular tangible human and a ghost boy.

  • However, when he's a ghost, parents try Thio killing.

  • What, This time on purpose?

  • Yeah, it's a It's a really unique family dynamic.

  • But being a ghost does give him some cool, ghastly abilities.

  • Not only does he get a whole new color palette, he even loses his legs.

  • Spooky.

  • What does he do with these ghostly powers?

  • You might ask?

  • Well, his main mission is to kill other ghosts.

  • Remember, kids, it's not murder.

  • If they're already dead, it's alien versus ghost side by versus horror.

  • So without further ado, let the exhibition Uh huh.

  • Tough hurt that.

  • Hi God.

  • Oh, yeah, Yeah.

  • Takes you back.

  • Yeah, yeah.

  • Hey, Okay.

  • Yeah, Yeah.

  • What?

  • Okay.


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