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  • vaccine euphoria may be headed for a reality check.

  • AstraZeneca is the latest drug giant to say that it's covert.

  • 19 vaccine is effective in its case.

  • It's saying in certain doses the vaccine could be as much as 90% effective.

  • It follows on from the news from Pfizer and Madonna that say that their vaccines are almost 95% effective.

  • This is all really good news.

  • With three drug giants having effective vaccines and the possibility of billions of doses being distributed throughout the world next year, there's cause for optimism that we may start to get back to normal.

  • The only problem is investors seem to be already pricing in a much more bullish outcome.

  • The global MSC I index and index of some of the largest companies in the world is showing that investors are expecting earnings to return to the levels that they saw in 2019 before covert 19 was ever even a problem to the globe.

  • So why are they so optimistic?

  • Well, they're looking at the vaccines and how effective they are.

  • On also listening to comments from Matt Hancock, the British health secretary that is saying that a mass vaccine rollout could actually happen by next spring.

  • The only problem is there are huge logistical hurdles that still need to be overcome.

  • This is no ordinary vaccine, so it's not like meningitis or polio that could be administered in a doctor's office or in a hospital on.

  • That's because there's a huge risk of the spread of infection, with people waiting and waiting rooms.

  • Some countries are piloting.

  • Driving's very similar to what you saw with mass testing, where people go in there car, take their vaccination and leave.

  • But the problem is thes vaccines are in two doses a month apart, so that again could cause delays.

  • There's also the issue of a fearful public.

  • Recent polls in the U.

  • S.

  • Show that only 40% of the American public are willing to take a first generation vaccine.

  • So with people eyeing a very rapid rollout, that does look a touch too optimistic.

vaccine euphoria may be headed for a reality check.

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