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  • So Dan Orlovsky.

  • Let's let's take a moment and live in this for a minute here.

  • No injury to To him.

  • He just felt that fit.

  • Patrick gave them the better chance to win that game.

  • In that moment as a quarterback yourself, What is your reaction to the way that was handled?

  • Yeah, I hate it.

  • I hate it because this is the first time and to his NFL career brief as it is, where he's faced with resistance, where he's faced with, like, the reality of what it's like to play in the NFL, that it's sometimes really, really difficult.

  • And sometimes you get your butt kicked and you don't play good and there's a moment in the game.

  • You're like, OK, this is when I'm still in a 10 point game.

  • I still got a chance to go win this football game that every young player goes through at some point, and it's the first time that he's met with that and they pull him.

  • So I hate that.

  • My second thing is this.

  • Do they think that he does not have greatness inside of him because it would have taken greatness to bring that team back again.

  • You're not playing well, your offensive lines getting handled, you're on the road.

  • Can you muster up greatness to go lead your team back to one of those really kind of moment building or momentous comeback win?

  • So that's my first to kind of reactions to it.

  • My last reaction is this.

  • Bryan Flores is 100% earned the right to make that choice.

  • Over the last 18 months, everybody and he has pressed, has worked for that football team, and I have questioned a lot of them.

  • And so I can't sit here this morning greeny and questioned the move because every other one has worked out the right way to it can be the better player, but he felt like Ryan Fitzpatrick in that moment was the better option.

  • And so as much as I hate it, I can't question it from Brian Floors in the Miami Dolphins R C.

  • What do you think?

  • You know what that was gonna be?

  • Where I started was where Dan ended.

  • You know, I respect Bryan Flores so much, and we had to wait to see if the two of decision was right.

  • Even though we felt like Fitzpatrick was playing good enough, and we started to see some things, and we were sitting here talking about how great to look how good this team look playing from ahead.

  • Special teams, uh, touchdowns, defensive touchdowns.

  • But this is the first time we were going to get to see it right.

  • We got to watch him get hit, which we all worried about.

  • And when I was tweeting about with Justin Herbert when I was tweeting about Joe Burrow early on in the season and asking, had Miami taking the wrong dude, Think about Joe Burrow and what he did Week one against the Los Angeles Chargers.

  • He had to make a two minute drive.

  • He made that drive.

  • It was the O.

  • P I.

  • That took a touch down the way.

  • It was a craft camp.

  • Ah, calf cramp by kicker that took the field all the way to go in overtime the first time.

  • Just that Herbert stood in the field, he stood across from Patrick Mahomes and it was no pulling him.

  • And so you wouldn't pull those two dudes.

  • Why pulled to a tongue of Barlow, Give him that chance.

  • Let him rock.

  • If you believe he's the best chance toe win a playoff game because this team is playoff ready.

  • This team is ready to win now.

  • And if he can't have a two minute drive, if he can't come back from adversity, he ain't giving your team the best chance to win.

  • And the thing I respected about Bryan Flores was he always made the decision that gave his team the best chance to win.

  • And that's what I thought, too.

  • We're talking about lower being the starting quarterback.

  • Waas now, Rex you obviously the one who of this group who might have had to make a decision like this.

  • Did you think he did the right or the wrong thing pulling to when he did?

  • Well, look, this is crazy.

  • I only did it once in my entire head coaching career, eight years where I pulled the starter.

  • Um, but watching that game, I was like, they gotta pull them, like, literally, because he played so darn small and that's what bothered me the most when you could push that pocket on him.

  • We talked about all the sacks he took and things, but it looked like they could have stayed out there all day and not move the ball.

  • So I think you know Fitzpatrick.

  • We know he can.

  • He could beef.

  • That's magic.

  • He can also be fits tragic, and we saw both a little bit.

  • He kind of gave that little spark about.

  • Here comes Fits magic and way saw the interception at the end there.

  • That fits tragic but quite honestly could have thrown three interceptions.

  • Here's another one a year, and that's why I'm saying the move going forward is the right mover going right back to tour.

  • Okay, so that was my question.

  • Does it?

  • Does it Does it show to you that the coach has any lack of confidence into a no absolutely 100%?

  • Doesn't he has confidence into it?

  • He also has confidence in a backup quarterback that has a little flash to him, and to me, he needed mo mentum.

  • That's why he made the move.

  • Thank you for watching ESPN on YouTube for live streaming sports and premium content.

So Dan Orlovsky.

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