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  • they're definitely looking at Rondo.

  • Rondo is definitely looking at them.

  • It is an option that was an option even before the Lakers made their moves.

  • So we have to understand it.

  • And I think Max especially, I want you to listen to this because it's incredibly important to bring this up about the Clippers.

  • Let's understand that nobody is questioning the greatness of Kawhi Leonard as a player as a leader.

  • Not so much the word that I was given about him because I don't know him.

  • The word that I was given about him was the word indifferent.

  • He's a kind of guy that methodically goes about the business of doing everything he can do to be ready.

  • But in terms of being that rah rah leader, galvanizing the troops, etcetera, etcetera, that's not who he is.

  • He has somewhat of a different in different mentality.

  • So because of that, we understand that Ty Lue is not the kind of coach that's known to tolerate such a thing.

  • He's going to try to peel out of you everything that he can get, but it's important because when your co island, if I were talking to CO I Leonard Brian.

  • This is what I would say all of these moves.

  • We made these draft picks.

  • We surrendered.

  • We did that for you, Paul.

  • George is here because of you.

  • Because Kawhi Leonard wanted Paul George.

  • He didn't want just another star.

  • He asked for that guy.

  • That's what he said.

  • And he said, If you don't get it for me, I'm going to the Lakers and I'm joining LeBron in a d.

  • So let's understand, he essentially blackmail and clippers.

  • That's why they gave up all they gave up to get Paul George because they knew that's what it was gonna take to get him.

  • You put a franchise through that you owe them or than 25 26 a game.

  • And I'm just gonna be indifferent.

  • You gotta exhaust everything inside of your soul to make sure you do everything humanly possible to deliver a chip.

  • Because they did all that, of course, because of your greatness as a player.

  • But they did all of that because you asked for it.

  • You got to step up if you could.

  • I let it, period.

  • Well, they didn't e I mean, if they wanted Kawai, that was cost of doing business.

  • No.

  • One, no one made them do it chose to do that.

  • I don't know if he owes them all the things that, but But I'll say this.

  • I think a lot of the I hear what you're saying about Kawai in his personality.

  • We are talking about a two time finals M V p with two different franchises.

  • But I do hear what you're saying about Cohen, his personality to me, the bigger problem on the Clippers than that is.

  • And I think Rondo actually addresses both these needs.

  • Whatever you look like, who is organizing their offense like If Quiet is sort of your de facto point guard Because Patrick Beverley is not really a dynamic playmaker, that's not ideal.

  • It's not ideal.

  • But if Rondo is organizing your offense and whatever he is in the regular season, he is a dud every time in the playoffs because he knows all the plays right.

  • This is like the coaches time.

  • Rondo's like a coach.

  • If you have a more dynamic playmaker who hooks up his teammates like Rondo, then Stephen A.

  • You kill two birds with one stone.

  • Not only do you get your leader, but you also get a guy who can organize your offense, turning Kawai weapon into a Kawhi Leonard into an offensive weapon instead of like a de facto point guard.

  • Well, that's why I reported weeks ago that they that Rondo wanted to go there.

  • And remember, I told you that before Rondo came on the show.

  • And then you asked Rondo about, and I asked Rondo about what he was married to the Lakers or was.

  • He opened a moving and he said Yes.

  • So we understand that.

  • Plus, Kawhi Leonard has been behind the scenes, telling folks they need a point guard.

  • Wendy, you know this.

  • He didn't tell them to get rid of Patrick Beverley, but he said, We need a prototypical point guard to run a show.

  • You know, the orchestrated offense in the end, when the I'll give it to you by I'll give it to you by simply saying he's got to step up, period, because he does owe them everything.

  • Like he's gotta give it to them.

  • Yes, he's gonna do some recruiting, which I assume has already happened with Rondo because there are other teams out there who are interested in him, including the Atlanta Hawks.

  • And, frankly, the Hawks can out pay the Clippers.

  • But one of the reasons why Kuai and Paul George chose the Clippers was because of their deep pocketed ownership and their prudent front office.

  • They just want executive of the Year.

  • So these guys, by the way, just made a couple and they were small deals.

  • But the deals that they made on draft night, acquiring four second round picks and Luke Kennard in one deal and then picking up the 33rd pick in the other in another deal they are.

  • That's one of the reasons why he puts their trust in them.

  • So let's see what they do.

  • Possibly.

  • There's a sign and trade out there from Montrezl Harrell that they could execute where they could bring back some talent.

  • Possibly in addition to Rondo.

  • They could make a different move.

  • The pressure is kind of yes, the pressure is on Kawai every single day of the year because that's who he is, is an organization.

  • But it's really now on the creativity of that front office, and that front office has proven time and time again.

  • They're up to the task, so now they've got to deliver in this next 72 hours or so?

  • Ah, lot is gonna happen.

  • And with the power structure in the NBA and the Clippers, we're gonna have to really go toe work, and I expect them to do so.

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they're definitely looking at Rondo.

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