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  • Yeah.

  • So the storyline going in clearly was the decision to go with Taysom Hill.

  • The storyline coming out more than anything as well as he played was the Saints defense and just how thoroughly dominant they were in this game.

  • And so let's talk about that, Ryan Clark, if they're gonna play defense like that, regardless of who the quarterback is, are the Saints the best team in the NFC?

  • Listen, I'm not gonna say they're the best team.

  • Would Taysom Hill?

  • We need to see a little more, so I'm not gonna jump off that bridge right now.

  • But, Godley, they're gonna be hard to be.

  • When you look at Taysom Hill yesterday, I think the huge thing was, what type of quarterback would he be?

  • And it was very Teddy Bridgewater esque, you know, you go back last year, him will just shot it over to me.

  • You know, Mike.

  • Mike Thomas had 42 catches, 500 yards, three touchdowns yesterday at nine catches over 100 and three.

  • The offense was what Drew Brees, What Teddy Bridgewater ran Not what Lamar Jackson, Colin Kaepernick or collar Murray runs, and I thought that was something different.

  • for the Atlanta Falcons, But it didn't matter what you did on offense.

  • It was like two teams out there playing defense for the New Orleans Saints.

  • And they were coming with so much pain, so much pain that you were watching, tasting him and being like, Is this to do that one?

  • The former M V P.

  • There was a former M V P or Matt Ryan.

  • Matt Ryan couldn't get through his progressions.

  • Why the receivers couldn't get open.

  • They couldn't block the guys up front.

  • This Saints defense was the reason people picked them to win the NFC South at the beginning of the season is the reason they were Super Bowl contenders.

  • And when you watch what they did against Tampa Bay a few weeks ago, when you see what they did against Atlanta yesterday, this is not a team you want to play.

  • And now, having Kwon Alexander, who Green Base should have tried to get, gives them the best duel of linebackers in the NFC South in the NFC, is the whole, and this team is gonna be tough down the stretch.

  • You were telling us that you saw something from them on the sideline that suggested to you the Saints defense is ready.

  • Yeah, I knew they were feeling I looked over there, Demario Davis that you know he's sitting over there dancing, and it's like a three or four point game and they're just on the sideline and it reminded me of and I'm sure Ryan's been their tubes.

  • We've been part of historically great defense's, but they kind of had that field.

  • And to me, it's like you don't care if your team turns the ball over, you just want to get back on the field.

  • We used to have it saying that, You know, Hey, look, whatever happens, just more TV time for us and you can't wait to get on the field.

  • That's how that defense play and they keep playing like that.

  • Nobody could beat him very quickly.

  • Dan, how about the quarterback play?

  • Give us.

  • Give us 30 seconds.

  • Assessment.

  • Taysom Hill.

  • His performance and what it means going forward.

  • Really.

  • The destination was the same as when Drew Brees runs this offense.

  • Just the journey looked different.

  • They had the same results.

  • It just looked very different.

  • Wasn't the efficient operation ball out all the time?

  • But it was a little bit more of Taysom Hill moving in the pocket, some under center play, action pass, pushing the ball downfield.

  • So it looked different getting there.

  • But at the end of the day, the results were the same.

  • They scored points, they moved the football and the reality was this greeny All week.

  • The question was, Can Taysom Hill operate as a quarterback in the NFL?

  • From the pocket?

  • The answer is a resounding yes.

  • Sean Payton isn't stupid.

  • He isn't crazy.

  • He isn't hard headed.

  • He knew what he was doing and taste him.

  • He'll answer the question.

  • He could play quarterback in the NFL in a traditional offense.

  • Kind of hard to argue right now that the Saints don't look like the best team in the NFC E.

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