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  • Let's begin with our breaking news.

  • The U.

  • S aviation regulator is to lift the ban on the Boeing 737 max, saying it believes the aircraft to be 100% safe to take passengers again.

  • The 737 max was grounded worldwide in March 2019 following two crashes that killed 346 people.

  • Theo Leggett reports two devastating air crashes, one off the coast of Indonesia and another in Ethiopia.

  • Just four months apart.

  • 346 people were killed.

  • Both involved Boeing's newest aircraft, the 737 Max planes being grounded worldwide for the past 20 months.

  • But now regulators in the United States say it can fly again.

  • Well, I lost my wife, Carol um, my three Children, Ryan, Kelly and Ruby, and I also lost my mom in law.

  • Paul Darragh lost his entire family when Ethiopian Airlines Flight 83 02 crashed minutes after taking off from Addis Ababa.

  • He's been lobbying hard to prevent the 737 max getting back in the air.

  • We still have our lawyers fighting with going in court and the FAA supporting point.

  • They cannot even produce the documents that they've been asked to produce.

  • So what are they hiding?

  • So they can come and they can come and stand before cameras and tell the world world these planes are said, We're gonna We're gonna believe that, not me.

  • Paul's family died because the plane they were traveling on, identical to these had catastrophic design floors.

  • A single sensor failure triggered a response from the planes computers that ultimately put it into a dive.

  • The pilots could not prevent Senator Blumenthal.

  • Thank you very much, Mr Chairman.

  • Later, American congressmen demanded answers from Boeing.

  • Boeing came to my office shortly after these crashes and said they were the result of pilot error.

  • Those pilots never had a chance.

  • Thes loved ones never had a chance.

  • They were in flying coffin.

  • In a scathing report, US lawmakers concluded Boeing had placed profits and production speed over safety, and regulators had simply failed to do their job.

  • The company insists it's learned hard lessons from the disasters on that safety is its top priority.

  • The design flaws on the max have now been rectified on.

  • Pilots will be given extra training, rectified and analyze, and test flown and checked in simulators like no other function in in the world.

  • Actually on an aircraft, it is the most ordinary affected flight function and flight computer software in the world.

  • Right now, the plane will be allowed back in the air.

  • The question is whether passengers will ever be happy to get aboard theater like a BBC news on more on this as we get it and of course, on the BBC website.

Let's begin with our breaking news.

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Boeing's 737 Max cleared to fly in the US after crashes - BBC News

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