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  • Oh, boy, Look at all the colorful leaves in the fall.

  • The leaves change color from green.

  • Tell yellow, armed and red.

  • See if you confined fall colors when you go outside today.

  • Now the map says you cross the bridge over pumpkin pass.

  • And this is one impressive bridge.

  • Oh, it's impressive.

  • All right, Impressively, Skerry.

  • Well, I'll drive carefully there.

  • Just look.

  • Cussing view.

  • It is so beautiful again.

  • Look!

  • Oh, so busy driving old this'll reminds me of my time exploring Antarctica and crossing treacherous ice bridges.

  • No bottles that they're driving slow so the bridge won't swing slow and steady.

  • Wins the race, Remember?

  • Wow there.

  • Faster, Donald.

  • Slow down or you'll flip us all this bridge can't hold one more Roadster.

  • So there you guys are Will you not get hit me?

  • Oh!

  • Oh, wait, Pete.

  • You'll make the bridge collapse Hop band ham kicks!

  • Oh, dear, we're sinking!

  • Could it get any worse?

  • It's worse.

  • Oh, Donald Thistles Supposed to be a day of fun, family and friends And you nearly turned it into a disaster.

  • Wow!

  • What worked?

  • I sure did.

  • What?

  • No.

  • No, it didn't.

  • Now, Mickey, everybody has been working together as a team.

  • And there's friends except for you two.

  • Well, Donald are ready to work together.

  • Wow.

  • Well, let's see where in the gravy boat float.

  • Hmm.

  • That's it.

  • You might be sinking, but we're in a gravy boat that floats everyone.

  • Bert Rome!

  • Everybody ready?

  • 32 on Super Chat.

  • E Watch me.

  • Super cool.

  • Try a perfect lid.

  • I'm sure you're brown through hand, giving it some gravy.

  • Well, I think we're all really thankful you boys got it together.

  • Thanks, Mickey.

  • I wonder whatever happened to our Roadsters?

  • Yo.

  • Oh, you forgot your leftovers.

  • You saved our rob stirs.

  • Happy Thanksgiving.

  • Now let's eat way more.

Oh, boy, Look at all the colorful leaves in the fall.

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A Fun Thanksgiving Race ? | Mickey Mouse Roadster Racers | Mickey Mornings | Disney Junior

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