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  • I'm going to share four verbs you can use instead of

  • 'walk'. Let's get started. So the first verb is

  • 'stroll'. This is a slow casual walk you might 

  • take to relax. For example: 'We took a stroll

  • around the park to get some fresh air'. 

  • So the next verb is 'pace'. You might pace when you're 

  • stressed or anxious about something and it's

  • normally when you walk back and to, across a small 

  • area. So, for example: 'I paced around my home 

  • office waiting to find out if i'd got the job'.  

  • Let's look at 'wander' now. 'Wander' means 'to

  • walk around with no destination in mind'. So,  

  • for example: 'On our first day of holiday we

  • wandered around the city centre'. And finally

  • we have the verb 'swagger'. This means 'to

  • walk around with too much self-confidence and  

  • arrogance'. So, for example: 'Pete swaggered

  • around the office when he won the lottery.'

I'm going to share four verbs you can use instead of

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4 verbs to use instead of 'walk' - English In A Minute

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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/11/23
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