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  • And we have an update, at least on one of those.

  • I don't know if Director Kathy, you could give me another key player alert.

  • I got my Simon ready.

  • Come on.

  • What way just had Goran Dragic tweet himself?

  • Quote.

  • I am glad I to announce I am staying with my Heat Nation family.

  • Miami Heat.

  • Let's finish the job that we started.

  • And guys, I want to say that not only did he tweet this out, he used the sirens tweeted.

  • I'm so proud.

  • This is such a Hey, that's incredible.

  • That second year go ahead that second year on his contract is not guaranteed.

  • So they are going.

  • Looks like they are preserving flexibility for 21 22 there.

  • Yeah.

  • Rachel, can you break down exactly what the question was?

  • Yeah, it looks like it's a two year contract on Drag Ege way.

  • Thought it was gonna be a one year with a big at a big number.

  • It's a two year at a big number, but that second year is not guaranteed.

  • So they'll have that flexibility for the summer of 21.

  • Um, you know, potentially go after that.

  • Um, you know that Max player.

  • Yeah.

  • This is This is something to be expected, right?

  • They obviously Miami really values what Goran has done.

  • They've accepted him, embrace him and his family down there at the same time.

  • We're not idiots.

  • If we have an opportunity honest, we don't wanna get get in the way of that by being loyal toe a player who has been very good for us.

  • So you give them this deal, you non guaranteed the second the second year of the deal.

  • Like Bobby said, it gives you that flexibility.

  • And let me tell you something.

  • Make no mistake, the Miami Heat are collecting a group of talent down there that is going to make it very attractive for you.

  • Honest to make that leap if he wants to do it, they drafted pressures that you chose another player of Nigerian descent.

  • I heard T J from Twitter might be down there as well Have your Nigerian head down.

  • I am because they want you there Toe Welcome, Yanis In a year Absolutely.

  • Look, I'm so proud of the tweet the tweet with the sirens so exciting But this is another great example Seriously.

  • Another great example of how so many teams are structuring and building around the possibility of Yannis as Bobby just explain to us they have left open their options.

  • And until Yanis makes the decision and we find out whether he is in fact punting the ball, kicking it down the road an extra year until next offseason or if he is going to sign with him in this offseason teams, they're going to be making moves like this deal with Goran, where they do the best they can for this coming season.

  • But they leave the cap room for next season.

  • And that is going to factor in, Of course, also with our next player, Gordon Hayward, opting out of his $34 million player option with the Celtics.

  • That happened yesterday.

  • He is now an unrestricted free agent, and I mean, there's a lot of talk about Hayward to the Pacers.

  • Do you think that would be a good fit, especially considering the salary concerns there?

  • Yeah, I think Brian really laid it out earlier.

  • It's a real thing.

  • In the end is a small market team and, as he said, the Simon family obviously they own a lot of malls, which haven't been doing great during this pandemic.

  • So really, it depends on what's going out in terms of what are they giving up to make this deal happen?

  • But if they can keep a semblance of, ah, a strong roster that I think he absolutely fits his shooting his size his playmaking is a nice fit alongside Oladipo T.

  • J.

  • Warren.

  • There really three different types of players between those three guys on the wing.

  • Remember Jeremy Lamb, who is really good for him?

  • He's out with a tornado cl as well.

  • So they do need help along that perimeter and Rachel for players and a sign and trade.

  • You know, Indiana would be hard capped here, so they're right at 127 $128 million in committed salary, the hard caps at 139.

  • So, if drop, if Hayward comes in at, you know 25.

  • 26 million, that that number is gonna have to be somewhat comparable there just to give them that extra flexibility toe, maybe add another free agent here so it can't come in at 34 then then them sending back, you know, $25 million because they would be really pushed up against that against that hard cap.

  • Yeah, I agree with.

  • I mean, I think it isn't.

  • Nice move is a great move, E.

  • If you're gonna turn down that money, you're either gonna go somewhere where you can get something close to that money or you're gonna goto a team where you're in some somewhat a contention.

  • So it depends on what what goes out.

  • Like a mean said with the Pacers, if they can keep the nucleus of guys together, it looks good.

  • I'm still one thing that concerns me, though.

  • Victor Oladipo, T J.

  • Warren, who played great in the bubble.

  • And then you add, Gordon, how do you make that work?

  • Do you just bring maybe Warren off the bench?

  • I don't know.

  • I mean, I think he played well enough to where he he could still be a starter.

  • Thanks for watching ESPN on YouTube for live streaming sports and premium content.

And we have an update, at least on one of those.

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