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  • Isaac a coral celebrating going fifth overall, right up close to the top of the draft.

  • Like from former Auburn stars like Charles Barkley and Chuck Person, Chris Morris has been a A great number of stars have come out of Auburn over the years.

  • Isaka Coral didn't stay Bruce Paul's program that long, but made quite an impact.

  • This is a guy that you have been touting as a guy who could really be ineffective.

  • NBA player.

  • I think he's the best wing defender in this draft.

  • He gets down in the stance, He's got a low center of gravity and he's really tough and disruptive.

  • He can switch off onto anyone and guard anyone here.

  • He's switching off onto an excellent player that's going to be taken in the lottery.

  • I believe Kyrillos Jr Alabama stays in front of him, ableto disrupt with his length.

  • He's got a tremendous motor and he plays so hard, really good in transition and really good putting it on the deck and excellent driver and getting to the rim.

  • He rebounds well.

  • He's a good offensive rebounder explosive.

  • Going to the basket can finish the one thing he doesn't do right now.

  • He's not a consistent perimeter shooter.

  • He's got to become a better perimeter shooter because he really has everything else.

  • And it shows you the value of a wing that can really defend multiple positions, can play in transition and can put the ball on the deck and get to the rim.

  • If he can add a jump shot to his game, I mean, he is.

  • He is a stud.

  • Isaac Kokoro joins Cleveland Colin Sex in his air.

  • Darius Garland is there.

  • Isaac was coached in college by Bruce Pearl.

  • The Auburn head coach joins us now.

  • And Bruce?

  • What?

  • What are the Cleveland Cavaliers getting in?

  • Isaka Coral?

  • You know Reese.

  • Character counts, and he's a winner.

  • Um, he is the price, I think, is the best defensive player in the Guard and the draft.

  • He can guard one through five.

  • In other words, you can keep little point guards in front of him, and he switches off on the inside.

  • You're not gonna big boy him.

  • He can get downhill.

  • He could score through contact.

  • The ball doesn't stick in his hands.

  • In other words, when that ball moves, if he's open, he's going to shoot it or he's going to drive it or he's going to move it along and he's going to do with the coach accent to Dio.

  • You know he's not gonna come in tow.

  • Cleveland, go look, This is who I am.

  • Use me the way you want, the way I supposed to be used.

  • Yes, a coach.

  • What you want todo you can go do it.

  • How confident are you and him expanding his offensive game of being an effective jump shooter in the N B A as well.

  • He's a tireless worker.

  • He's got an incredible work ethic.

  • Um, he was the first generation born in this country.

  • Parents are Nigerian and they just lived the American dream.

  • You talk about hard work and and and grateful for the opportunity.

  • So he lives in the gym.

  • He's got really good for him.

  • He's got a raises ball flight a little bit, Um, but it took big shots for us.

  • He wasn't afraid of the moment, but because he's a winner and he's such a productive player, he knows he can.

  • He could take it to the basket and he's going to score.

  • Are you going to foul him?

  • Was going to give somebody else's shot.

  • And that's why he's stayed away from the jump shot.

  • If he develops a jump shot, he'll be in NBA All Star Bruce.

  • We appreciate the time tonight from both you and your beard.

  • Thanks for being with us.

  • Congratulations.

  • Alright.

  • Appreciate that, guys.

  • Alright, My man Bruce Pearl from Auburn.

  • And very happy that Isaka Coral has gone in the top five of the draft.

  • And he's now with Malika Andrews.

  • That's right.

  • Isaac, You are the first one and done basketball player in Auburn's history.

  • What is it about your time there that allowed you to become that first A e got better every day.

  • Player A history.

  • It looks like you were having quite the party back there.

  • A phrase that is often used in N ba circles is that defense wins championships and that is what you are known for.

  • Who are you most looking forward to guarding in this league?

  • Yeah, I'm just around my family, my friends.

  • Everybody got me to this place.

  • All right, Now I'm looking for a guard booth.

  • Absolutely.

  • And how has being first generation, like we just heard we talked about How has that shaped you e just put the work, and every day I have people around my circle.

  • Help me out, E great Booth e.

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Isaac a coral celebrating going fifth overall, right up close to the top of the draft.

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Isaac Okoro drafted No. 5 overall by the Cleveland Cavaliers | 2020 NBA Draft

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