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  • we first met Maxim are named for him at the end of September.

  • He's from a small town in western Ukraine and works in the restaurant industry.

  • But he wanted to earn more money, so he went online to find a job in Germany.

  • E found a Ukrainian job agency.

  • They said the jobs were legal.

  • They gave me papers so that I could travel to Germany and work in a meat factory in the town of vice and fares for €9.35 per hour.

  • It's because, you know, talk David Patch, Yeah.

  • Rosa Rodino, Kiev based Ukrainian job site International Work organized the trip for him and other jobseekers.

  • They took a minibus from Ukraine to their place of work in Germany, accompanied by a supervisor as non EU citizens.

  • It should not have been that easy for them to enter Germany, But Maxim says the agency gave him false papers, which they said that he was a student with a vacation job.

  • In reality, he's never studied.

  • The agency charged over €500 to find him a job.

  • When I said I wasn't a student and asked why I was issued these papers, they said Don't worry.

  • Not your problem.

  • Dozens of Ukrainians like Maxine turned up for work at a meat factory in Saxony Anhalt in 2020 all of them supposedly students looking for a vacation job.

  • Some have been offered very different jobs before their journey.

  • Like Marina, which is not her real name.

  • There were three jobs on offer.

  • A supermarket job, one in Kandy and one in a bakery.

  • But we ended up with a very different one in a meat processing factory.

  • The work was extremely difficult for women and men.

  • The women had to lift heavy crates of meat and meat products that weighed between 25 30 kg.

  • The work for the so called students started in mid September but lasted only five days.

  • The German authorities quickly realized there was something odd on.

  • The Ukrainians found out that the police had searched their accommodation.

  • When I came home, I discovered that the door had been broken.

  • There was a new lock.

  • Our translator had written a note saying that the police had raided our apartment, broken the lock and put on a new one because the volumes of books in the mirror this was a coordinated police operation on the 23rd of September.

  • Across five German states, 800 police officers searched the apartments of people working illegally as well as the officers of job agencies.

  • The authorities focused on agencies for temporary jobs suspected of bringing workers into Germany with false documents.

  • Public prosecutors also questioned the young Ukrainians, who were told they had to leave Germany on were banned from returning for three years.

  • The prosecutors see them as both perpetrators on victims.

  • Hundreds of the charges are relatively minor.

  • Illegal entry into Germany and illegal residents are not crimes.

  • They're misdemeanors documents.

  • Even if someone has never been in trouble with the law, we will most likely drop the charges against them.

  • During their stay in Germany, Maxim and the others were officially employed by the German agency Bear Khanna on Lent out to the meat factory.

  • The company, which did not want to speak to us, is currently under investigation.

  • It faces major penalties have found guilty.

  • This'll involves an actual crime, which means that the minimum penalty is one year in jail for each separate a fence.

  • We looked online for the Ukrainian Job site International Work, which organized the journey for Maxim and the others.

  • It's still advertising jobs in the U but did not want to speak with us.

  • Many of the jobs with German work certificates currently do not seem to be feasible because of restrictions related to the coronavirus.

  • Many young people in Ukraine seek better paid jobs abroad, and they, too, could become the victims of criminal job agencies.

  • Paying a lot of money to get a job getting into trouble with.

  • The German authorities are not earning anything.

  • Maxim says that he has learned a lesson.

  • I would now check everything very carefully.

  • I'd also turned to specialists to find out information about the journey.

  • Not like I did then we didn't know where we were going or what we were doing.

  • If you don't know where you're going, you not only risk being deported, you could end up in jail.

  • Yes, In the end, Maxim and the others were in one way fortunate.

  • They couldn't afford their return journey to Ukraine, so the city of Busan fells paid it for them.

  • But they had imagined their trip to Germany would be very different.

we first met Maxim are named for him at the end of September.

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