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  • Clay Thompson mentioned at the top of the show.

  • We were talking about it for the last 24 hours.

  • That right Achilles tendon tear.

  • During a workout on Wednesday in Southern California, Thompson's agent, Greg Lawrence, told Whoa that Thompson is expected to be fully recovered for the start of the 21 22 season.

  • But, gosh, that feels like a long way away.

  • Well, which also reports the Warriors air final landing a trade to acquire Kelly You Bray for a 2021 protected first round pick, which will become a second round pick if they finished the regular season in the top 20.

  • Now, Golden State will absorb Uber, and its $14.4 million expiring contract into a trade exception was fascinating.

  • They only had about 36 hours to get this done, costing the franchise.

  • And this is the huge number of guys.

  • I want you to listen to this 66 million extra dollars toward its historic luxury tax bill.

  • So, Vince, I was gonna say tax money aside is trading uber enough to help fill the whole of losing clay.

  • But I don't even know how you put it aside because basically, you're talking about adding a player who is not gonna win you.

  • That's not pushing you over the edge to a championship and you're spending an extra on top of his salary, an extra $66 million.

  • Well, that tells me that they're still trying toe win now and still stay relevant.

  • You know they want to stay.

  • You continue to make the playoffs and stay relevant and keep your stars.

  • I mean, obviously you you get clay back the following year, but they feel like they have a good nucleus of guys and you get a healthy Steph Curry back now.

  • So I still see them making the bottom half of the playoffs somewhere between five and eight.

  • But I like to see them at a free agent like Avery Bradley if he opts out with the Lakers or somebody like Avery Bradley as well toe help with ball handling and now maybe moving stuff to the to every now and then to be the shooter that they're missing from Clay Thompson.

  • Not saying that uber is not the shooter, but you want utilize steps, lights out shooting, so why not bring somebody like Avery Bradley who can now go and guard the best player on the other side as well.

  • First of all, a huge first of all, a huge commitment from the Warriors ownership.

  • You know, for a year that's probably gonna be a lost season in terms of championship contention to pay whatever gazillion dollar figure you just mentioned.

  • That's a real commitment they didn't have to do.

  • It's a real commitment.

  • Second of all, shout out to Clay Thompson.

  • He's absolutely a beloved player across the league, one of my favorite players to watch.

  • We're all hoping and praying that you recover.

  • And as far as the Warriors, I think you brave fits really well.

  • He's a decent three and D player is shooting, picked up a little bit last year.

  • We'll see if that's really his defense could get a little better.

  • But I think if it's well and also he's only 24 they could resign him.

  • He could be part of the future, and they could figure out whether he or Andrew Wiggins is the more valuable players.

  • They go down the line and there's been a lot of conversation in the last two days about whether this is the end of the Warriors, and it might be it might be.

  • The end of the Warriors is a championship contender, But I'm all this stuff about.

  • Do they look to trade staff?

  • Do they look to blow it up?

  • To me, that is way too premature.

  • This is Stephan Curry.

  • This is the kind of guy who could be a life for, ah, three time champion already on one team.

  • I think you just hit pause for a little bit.

  • Let's shoved.

  • I know all stars move around and they all get traded here and there.

  • I just think Stefan Curry is a different kind of situation, given the equity has in Golden State.

  • And let's just hold in place for this year, roll it back next year, see what the team looks like.

  • Can you get one more run out of it?

  • Yeah.

  • You know, I think he's a fine young player, but it makes me think you know what type of style do you see the warriors playing this year?

  • Uh, you know, they don't have the luxury of the shooters without Clay Thompson.

  • Obviously, they don't have Kevin Durant.

  • Um, and how much of a load is gonna be put on Steph Curry.

  • Is he gonna have to play like a Jame James Harden type of road just to help this team get into the playoffs?

  • Um, you know who's knows what's gonna happen with the development of Andrew Wiggins?

  • Or they have the talent to be a playoff team.

  • And no, they're not contenders with this move.

  • But they put themselves in position that they could be one player away, maybe an All Star or superstar back in the lineup to put themselves there.

  • But, you know, you break while he's a fine player, he doesn't put them over the top, especially with the loss of Clay Thompson.

  • Well, guys, that's why I kind of getting the point guard.

  • Or like Avery Bradley or somebody who can handle the ball and now utilize Steph ability to shoot the ball.

  • And, you know, running off screens a little bit because I agree with you, Paul like, who will they be?

  • What, What is their identity now?

  • Identity now?

  • So I think you know, if you're gonna have stuff there, use them, use them in in different ways, put them in different parts of the floor outside of just being the point guard.

  • Well, I'm super impressed with Warriors ownership for making this move at least making the season better for their fans.

  • And by the way, the government in San Francisco just at least for now, rejected their plan to test fans coming in the building so they could have increased fans.

  • That's not gonna happen.

  • So that revenue, at least right now, is not going to come in for them.

  • And they made this decision anyway.

  • We'll see what or if they do next.

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Clay Thompson mentioned at the top of the show.

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